What is A Breeder Tank?

In the world of fish and aquariums, there are many many different kinds of tanks, so it is no wonder that you’re not familiar with all the names and types. Have you ever heard of breeder tanks?

They’re quite popular, therefore you might keep seeing the name pop up without completely understanding what they are. And this is where we come in! With an easy and simple explanation, and everything you need to know about breeder tanks!

A breeder tank is an aquarium, most popularly known as the 40-gallon breeder tank as that is the most common size, that has a lower profile compared to other more traditional tanks.

It is essentially a type of tank defined by its size, although it can vary in shape. It can be long and narrow, or closer to a square in shape. The feature that defines it as a breeder tank is always the low profile that makes it easier for the breeder to access the fish. 

Basically, it’s an aquarium that, due to its shape and dimensions, is ideal for easy breeding of fish, which is what gives it its name!

Why Is It Called a Breeder Tank?

When breeding fish, you might have to move them into different aquariums, to pair them up or put them together in different groups. This means you require easy access to your fish, as you might have to move them often.

Normal aquariums can be quite tricky to access, due to the dimensions, which makes sticking your arm into the bottom awkward. 

Breeder tanks, due to their low profile and dimensions, are a lot easier for breeders to access the fish, and have therefore been named as such.

Their primary use is for breeding fish, which is why they’re called breeder tanks. 

Why Do I Want A Breeder Tank?

If you’re planning on breeding fish, then there is no doubt that this is the type of tank that you’re going to go for.

It’s perfect for breeding fish and it’s the one almost all fish breeders use, as it gives you the ease to do so without too much of a struggle and is perfectly designed for the job. 

However, what if you don’t want to breed fish? Can you still use a breeder tank?

The answer is yes! And here’s why breeder tanks are a good idea, even if you aren’t planning on ending up with lots of baby fishies. 

Breeder tanks, when looked at from the front, are very deep. While regular 40-gallon tanks have an average of around 12 inches of space, breeder tanks have an average closer to around 18 inches.

That’s a lot more space to play around with! 

This is why breeder tanks are one of the most popular options for people that are wanting to get creative with their aquarium layout, filling the space with different layers and decorations to create a unique design with a vibe and aesthetic of your own making.

Whenever you see a beautifully decorated aquarium, full of layers and trinkets or plants, chances are, it’s a breeder tank. 

What’s great about breeder tanks is that they’re ideal for almost any type of fish and especially suitable for all of the most popular species of fish.

They can also be used by people that don’t even want any fish. (An aquarium without fish? We know! But hear us out!) There are people who dedicate themselves, professionally or as a hobby, to the art of creating beautiful underwater landscapes.

And of course, the type of tank that they use is the breeder tank. These people call themselves Aquascapers, and the results they achieve using the breeder tanks are truly magical and breathtaking.

We suggest you go and type “Aquascapers” in your searching engine, and scroll through the image results to see for yourself! 

Other reasons for which you might want to buy a breeder tank, without necessarily wanting to breed fish, is because of a personal preference towards those specific dimensions.

With the easy access to handle fish and play around with the layout, you might feel extra confident and comfortable, as you know that you can personalize or deal with the inside of your aquarium when needed.

If you ever need to fix anything or move anything around inside your aquarium, you know it’s easy to do so with this type of tank, and that sense of security can be very appealing.

Besides, there’s no downside to having a breeder tank with fish that aren’t there for breeding, so why wouldn’t you go for it?

How Do I Set Up A Breeder Tank?

A breeder tank might sound like it needs a special set up, with specific requirements, as it is ideal for breeding fish. However, a breeder tank is just like any other tank, except for the dimensions that allow it to be extra suitable for breeding fish.

There really is no unique set up that is specifically for breeder tanks, so how you set up your breeder tank will depend on the use you are giving it. 

Always be sure to set up the tank in accordance with the type of fish you are going to put in it. It’s extremely important to ensure you have an appropriate filtration system so that the fish are safe and comfortable, as well as using suitable water, sand, and all the other elements that come into play when putting up an aquarium.


Breeder tanks, just as the name indicates, are tanks suitable for breeding fish. This is due to their specific dimensions, with a low profile that allows for the breeder to have easy access to the fish for handling. 

However, they can be a highly desirable type of tank to have, even if you’re not planning on breeding fish. In fact, Aquascapers will tell you that you don’t even need to have fish in order to justify buying a breeder tank!

Their dimensions give them more space than average tanks, making them ideal for creating underwater landscapes and decorating with personalized designs. They’re a highly popular type of tank, suitable for almost any type of fish!