How many Amano Shrimp per gallon

If you are looking to add something different to your fish tank you have probably come across Amano shrimp. These shrimp not only look funky, but they also help to clean your fish tank too.

If you are struggling with algae issues, then the Amano shrimp are your guys. They are a fantastic cleanup crew. Putting them in an algae-filled tank is equivalent to a child running through Wonka’s chocolate factory!

As with any species, there is a guide of how many you can have before your tank risks becoming overcrowded. In this article, we will be providing you with some interesting facts about the Amano shrimp. We will be discussing what types of temperatures they can live in, and how many Amano shrimp you can have per gallon.

What Are Amano Shrimp?

Amano shrimp are sometimes referred to as Yamato shrimp. They are spineless shrimp that can live in fish tanks. They are great cleaners and only grow to around  5cm. Given this, they will not take up too much room in your tank, but they are really useful to have.

Why Should I Add Amano Shrimp To My Tank?

Many people like to add Amano shrimp to their tank because they are something different and are quite cool to look at. If you are not a fan of shrimp, then it may be worth reconsidering this because they add many benefits to your fish tank.

They are great tank cleaners that do not take up as much space in your fish tanks as other algae eaters like catfish. While they will not clean the glass in your tank, they help to keep the outside of your filter, gravel ornaments, and plants particularly clean. 

As they clean more waste than they produce, they are a fantastic addition to your tank and help to prevent soft algae from building up. This will make your cleaning process a lot quicker and your tank will have a better appearance as a result. 

Your shrimp will eat parts of live plants that have fallen to the bottom of the tank. They are a friendly species and are not aggressive in any way, which makes them a great addition to your tankDo They Live In Cold Water Or Tropical Tanks?

Amano shrimp can live in cold water and tropical tanks. The lowest temperature they can live in is 50℉. 

If you are planning to keep Amano shrimp in a cold water tank, we would recommend that you use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. If you notice a dip in temperature it is best to move your fish tank into a warmer room to protect your Amano shrimp.

Their metabolism becomes a lot slower when they are in colder water. As a result of this, you may notice that they will eat slightly less.

Do I have to feed Amano Shrimp?

Amano shrimp are pretty low maintenance and do not require much feeding, especially if your tank has live plants and a build-up of algae. However, a tank can be too clean for a shrimp, especially if it is new. 

It is always best to add Amano shrimp to an established tank after a few months. If you add them too quickly they may die due to there not being enough food for them to eat.

However, you can purchase shrimp pellets to feed them daily if there is a lack of plants and algae in your tanks. If you overfeed your fish by accident, Amano shrimp will also eat the fish food. 

How Many Amano Shrimp Can You Have Per Gallon?

How many Amano shrimp you can have per gallon can be debated. You do not want to overcrowd your tank with shrimp. If there are too many shrimp there could be issues with there not being enough algae for them all.

As a general rule of thumb, one gallon is not enough water for an Amano shrimp to live in. You will want to have at least two gallons per one Amano shrimp. If you put a shrimp into too small of a tank, its chances of survival are fairly low.

The amount of shrimp you can place in your tank also depends on the number of fish that are already in your tank. If you have a lot of fish in the tank already, you can risk overcrowding your tank. If your tank becomes overcrowded you will run the risk of ammonia build-up and the lack of space can cause you to lose fish.

However, in theory, it is quite difficult to overstock your tank with Amano shrimp. As they clean more waste than they produce, they will benefit your tank, rather than adding more waste. They are best kept in small groups rather than just purchasing one individually, which is worth keeping in mind.

A small starter fish tank tends to be around 10 gallons in size. Given this, you would be able to have a good number of Amano shrimp in even a small tank. While we would not recommend overloading your tank with shrimp, you could in theory have around 4-5 Amano shrimp for every ten gallons of water. 

As with anything species you are adding to your tank, it is always recommended to take into consideration how many existing fish you have in the tank too. If you have too many shrimp in your tank, they could potentially challenge your fish for food.

While it would be fine to have a group of shrimp in a small tank, it is a case of using your initiative to decide how many you will need. 


We hope this article helped you to gain a better understanding of Amano shrimp as a whole. They are a wonderful addition to a tank and you will greatly benefit from introducing them.

As with any species, it is always worth considering your limits. Just because you can put around 4-5 Amano shrimp per gallon does not mean this is always the best decision to make. Always weigh up the space you have available in your tank before introducing Amano shrimp.

Overall they are an interesting addition to cold water and tropical tanks. They require low upkeep and will help to make your cleaning process a lot easier!