Best Vacuum for Cat Litter

Cats are the best pets. If you’re reading this article, you surely agree with that, because you probably have cats of your own.

Although maybe you’re simply cat sitting someone else’s cat and are wanting to solve the mess they’ve caused, or you’re looking it up out of curiosity because you’re planning on getting a cat. But anyways, although cats are indeed amazing pets and excellent house companions, they’re animals, and therefore they poo.

We know, we know. Nobody really wants to think about that aspect of having a pet, but it’s an inevitable part of taking care of your furry friend.

Most cat owners choose to have a cat litter at home, where the cat can excuse itself to take care of its necessities so that it’s all in one place, out of sight, and not all over your floor. We all wish cat litters could magically empty themselves and keep spotless without us having to get involved, but sadly, that’s not the case.

You’re going to have to empty that litter box, and it’s going to be messy. This is why a lot of cat owners are now starting to use vacuum cleaners to finish off the job, so there’s not a single bit of cat litter left behind. 

But, what kind of vacuum can be used for cleaning up cat litter? Is it safe to use them like that?

We’ve done some research, and turns out there are some special vacuum cleaners, designed for being effective against the smaller clay particles, so you’ll be good to go!

Take a look at our top picks!

In a hurry?

Cats are renowned for being clean animals, but even they can’t avoid making a bit of a mess now and then when they step in and out of their litter box.

Cleaning it up from whatever surface it’s fallen on to can be a major hassle, especially as it’s kind of disgusting to deal with, even when it’s just the litter particles. Sweeping up is always an option, but there may be surfaces in which that is completely ineffective. 

Cat litter vacuum cleaners are now an option,  making it super easy and fast to deal with, and because these vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to deal with these types of clay particles, you can rest assured that nothing will break down or go wrong!

If you’re in a hurry to get that litter cleaned up, we recommend you go straight to our first choice: the Shark Navigator

With its overwhelmingly positive reviews, powerful suction, and anti-allergen features, it’s no wonder it’s our top pick! Easy to use, lightweight, and with three levels of filtration to properly separate dirt from the air, making it ideal for cleaning up cat litter.

Here are the main features highlighted for you:

  • Best-selling and efficient product
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Three-level filtration system
  • Anti-allergen Seal technology and HEPA filter
  • Doesn’t make too much noise

Top 5 Best Vacuums for Cat Litter


The Shark Navigator is our top choice thanks to its overwhelming amount of positive reviews and ratings.

It is an excellent choice when looking for a vacuum cleaner that can deal with cat litter in an effective, simple, and fast way. It can clean all around the litter box and all around every room of the house, as it has a versatile use capable of vacuuming both carpets and hard floors, with the same efficient results. 

It stands upright and is very lightweight and easy to transport or put away. It uses Cyclonic Technology to separate dirt from the air, which is what ensures the powerful suction and the durability to last a long time without the cat litter particles causing any type of damage.

Another major feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it has an Anti-Allergen Complete seal technology and a HEPA filter, making it the best choice for people with allergies. (And yes, that includes cat-hair allergies, as this vacuum also gets rid of the stray cat hairs!)

To top it off, this efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner does the job without making too much noise, which is always a plus so you don’t make your cat uncomfortable!


  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and HEPA filter
  • Three-level filtration system for efficiency
  • Not noisy


  • Dirt canister is messy when disposing


Bissell is a trustworthy and reliable brand when it comes to shopping for vacuum cleaners, and they have a wide range of products on offer.

The one we’ve picked for the list of our top favorite is the Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. With this product, you will really have all the practicalities covered, with its focus on efficiency and power. 

It’s fitted with OnePass technology and innovative brush design to ensure a powerful suction, leaving any surface clean after just one pass. It also reduces the scatter of particles on hard floors, with the Scatter Free Technology feature.

It has a large capacity, so it will take quite a lot of vacuuming before it needs emptying. When it does finally need emptying, the dirt tank opens up with the push of a button, so it’s a no-hassle job.

Overall, you’ll find that the Bissell Cleanview is a powerful vacuum cleaner that does the job in just one go, separating the dirt from the air with a multi-cyclonic system. 


  • OnePass technology
  • Innovative brush design for extra suction
  • Scatter Free technology
  • Large capacity


  • Slightly heavy


If you want a smaller and more manageable vacuum cleaner for quick daily use, without the hassle of going into a proper vacuuming clean, then the Black=Decker Dustbuster is the vacuum for you.

This vacuum is handheld, so it’s easier for every-day use and it’s perfect for reaching trickier areas like corners or places above the floor. If you’re worried about being able to handle the weight of a handheld vacuum for long, this one has you covered.

It is extremely lightweight and perfect for handheld use, without losing any of the suction power. 

It comes with a wall mount, where you can easily store it whenever it’s not in use. It’s also a cordless vacuum, working on a lithium battery that recharges when plugged into the wall mount! The internal volume of capacity has also been increased so that you can go more time without having to empty the vacuum. 


  • Handheld
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Cordless
  • Comes with a wall mount for storage and charging


  • Long charging time
  • Short battery life


If even the act of vacuuming itself becomes a hassle that you want to avoid, why not let the vacuum do an auto-job of it? The ILIFE V3s Pro Robot vacuum cleaner is an auto-sufficient vacuum that does the job without you having to do anything other than pressing the on button.

It’s highly efficient in picking up cat litter and cat hairs, so it really becomes the best tool to have around a cat household. 

The low profile design allows it to get under beds and furniture, so that it can journey across your house in search of dirt, reaching every corner. You don’t have to worry about it getting stuck, as it has a programmable schedule, anti-bump technology, and a smart sensor.

It truly is an excellent option for those that don’t want to even think about the cat litter problem. You schedule your vacuum and leave everything to run its course. Once it has finished cleaning it will automatically return to its dock and begin recharging, so that it’s ready for the next round!


  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Auto-sufficient vacuuming
  • Efficient with cat litter and cat hairs
  • Low profile design
  • Programmable schedule, anti-bump and smart sensor


  • Your cat might try and follow it around or play with it


The Dirt Devil Endura is another all-rounder efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for cleaning up cat litter particles, without getting damaged.

This design in particular allows it to be very durable and is known for being a vacuum cleaner that will last through a lifetime of cats. (Although it might not apply when multiplied by 9 to accommodate the multiple lives that cats have).

This vacuum cleaner is more heavyweight, but has a heavy-duty performance on all types of floors, with an amazing power capability and incredible suction efficiency. 

It has an Endura patented cyclonic system, claiming to lose no suction power over usage and time, so that the vacuum always performs at top standard. It also has a filter infused with carbon, making it so that it traps odors and bad smells.

So, if you’re cleaning up cat litter and don’t want to deal with the nasty smell it often comes with, then this feature is perfect for you. 


  • Heavy-duty performance
  • No loss of suction
  • Endura patented cyclonic system
  • Odor filter


  • Not comfortable to use

Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Buying Guide

Normal vacuum cleaners can’t be used to clean up particles such as cat litter or cat hairs, as they can easily get blocked and damaged beyond repair.

However, there are now vacuum cleaners specifically designed to suction up cat litter particles and cat hairs without getting damaged, as they’re highly efficient in separating dirt from the air and have an adapted suction system and power capabilities.

Now, dealing with the mess caused by your feline friend won’t be much of a hassle, as it becomes an easy and fast job that often won’t even require you to bend down at all!

Because there are so many different products on offer in the market, and you’re busy enough with taking care of your cat, we’ve done the research and have compiled this little buyer’s guide with the main features you should look out for when choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you and your cat. 


One of the added difficulties of dealing with cat litter particles is that they’re very hard to get rid of, as they dig themselves deep into carpets or the cracks between tiles on hard floors.

This means that you need a very powerful suction to be able to vacuum it all away efficiently, without having to go around checking for the left-overs. Look out for vacuum cleaners that have an enhanced suction or that don’t compromise their power in any way.

You should also aim for those that won’t lose power over time, as you don’t want your vacuum to stop being effective after a few uses. 

Floor-type and usage style

When choosing your vacuum cleaner always take into account the type of flooring you’re going to use it on.

Is it a carpet or a hard-tile floor? Some vacuum cleaners are versatile and can switch between both types, but others are only efficient on the type they were primarily designed for. 

As for the usage type, look into the different types of vacuums, whether they be upright, handheld, or auto-sufficient. There are also some vacuums that are cordless, and therefore need to be charged instead of plugged in.

Filtration System

The filtration system is what allows the dirt to be collected without damaging the vacuum, and it what will ensure its durability long-term.

For cat litter, vacuums need to efficiently separate dirt from the air. Some vacuums have a patented and unique filtering system, so it’s always good to look at the product description for more details about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vacuum cat litter?

When using a regular vacuum cleaner, the answer is no. This is because normal vacuum cleaners aren’t adapted to the nature of cat litter particles, and aren’t prepared to suction them properly.

If you use a regular vacuum to clean up cat litter, you are just spreading the litter further around your house and slowly damaging your vacuum beyond repair.

With a special cat litter vacuum cleaner, however, the answer is yes. 

Will cat litter damage hardwood floors?

The easy answer to this is yes.

Cat litter can be very abrasive towards different floor types, especially the hardwood floors, and will cause damage over time. It also causes damage to carpets, as it digs itself deep into the fiber and is very hard to remove.