Best Silk Aquarium Plants

Creating a lush aquascape of planting in your aquarium is important on many levels. Not only does it give your tank an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but it also helps to provide your fish with a safe space to shelter. 

This can be achieved by incorporating live aquatic plants into your aquarium’s setup. However, live plants come with their own requirements, such as fertilizing, which adds to the amount of maintenance your fish tank requires. 

It’s for this reason that an increasing number of fish-enthusiasts are opting for artificial alternatives. These plants require almost zero maintenance and are also available in a much wider range of colors and styles than live plants. 

This allows you to let your imagination run free and create the vibrant environments you’d find in a real-life coral reef. 

One of the most popular styles of artificial aquarium plants available are those that are made from silk plastics. These have super-realistic qualities to them and are also soft to the touch. This makes them ideal for aquariums with bettas or other delicately-finned fish, as they won’t cause any scratches or cuts as your fish maneuver their way around the tank.

But, with so many to choose from, how do you know which silk aquarium plant is the best? And how can you be certain that it’s made from silk plastic? Don’t worry - we’ve done the hard work for you!

Below, you’ll find our list of the best silk aquarium plants available, each of which is ideal for a variety of aquariums. We’ve also put together a super useful buying guide that’s packed with hints and tips on what to look out for when you begin your search. 

In a hurry? Let’s begin by taking a look at our top pick. 


Designed and constructed to look as realistic as possible, this 8-Inch Silk Hydrocotyle from Marina will help you achieve a natural-looking effect throughout your aquarium without having to worry about planting or maintaining live aquatic plants. 

Made from non-toxic silk, this artificial plant won’t cause any harm to your fish or any other live animals in your aquarium. It’s non-toxicity also means it won’t upset the chemical balance in your aquarium’s water. 

The realistic effect of this aquarium plant is achieved through its translucent colors. These mimic the natural colors found on live aquatic plants and are also specially formulated to not fade over time or through exposure to light. Meanwhile, the 8-inch height adds some structure and architectural interest to your aquarium and provides your fish with a safe space to hide when they sense a threat. 

This silk aquarium plant is easy to install as well and can be simply buried into your aquarium’s gravel or substrate where it will remain firmly in place. Once in place, the leaves will gently sway along with the water current produced by your filter, adding to the realistic effect. 


  • A super realistic silk aquarium plant that is designed to mimic a live hydrocotyle
  • Constructed using non-toxic silk materials that won’t harm fish or upset the chemical balance of aquarium water
  • The translucent colors are designed to match the same colors as a live hydrocotyle 
  • Undulates and moves with the water current in your aquarium to add to the realistic effect
  • Easy to plant into your aquarium’s substrate and its 8-inch height is ideal for providing a safe space for your fish to hide


  • Although this silk plant is tall, it’s not very bushy. This means you may need to plant a few close together to cover a wider space adequately.


If you’re looking to create a really vibrant display in your aquarium, you can’t go wrong with these Easy Plant Sets from biOrb. Available in a huge array of colors and styles, each of which is super realistic, they are ideal for a variety of aquarium setups. 

Their silk construction makes them safe to use around fish with delicate fins, such as bettas, and they are compatible with freshwater, saltwater, and tropical aquariums. They are also 100% non-toxic so not only are they safe to use with aquatic animals, they won’t upset the chemical balance of your aquarium’s water either. 

The bottom of these silk aquarium plants features a weighted base which makes them incredibly easy to bury in the substrate of your aquarium, It also helps to ensure that they don’t float to the surface. This is ideal if you’ve got a particularly boisterous fish that enjoys pulling at your plants!

You’ll get extra value for money with these plant sets too, as each pack contains two artificial aquatic plants. This means you’ll quickly be able to create a realistic aquascape without having to spend a fortune in the process.


  • Available in a wide variety of colors, shape, and sizes
  • Gives you extra value for money with two silk plants per pack
  • The silk construction is non-toxic and the softness of the leaves makes them ideal for planting in tanks that house bettas
  • Each plant has a weighted base that holds it securely in place at the bottom of your aquarium
  • Suitable for use with freshwater, saltwater, and tropical aquariums


  • Some people that purchased these silk aquarium plants noted that the colors started to fade a little after they had been cleaned a few times


Available in two sizes and two colors, this Foreground Silk Plant from Marina is a good choice for anybody looking to create a realistic aquascape in their aquarium. It’s easy to clean as well and can be simply wiped with a damp cloth to remove any algae or bio-material build up. 

The non-toxic silk material used in this aquarium plant’s construction makes it safe to use in all aquarium setups and with all aquatic creatures. It won’t upset the chemical balance in your aquarium’s water either. 

Designed with translucent colors that closely mimic those of live aquatic plants, this silk plant moves and sways with the current produced by your aquarium’s water filter. This adds to the realistic effect and also helps reduce the amount of algae that builds up on them. 

It’s incredibly easy to install by burying deep into your aquarium’s substrate. The base also has a realistic gravel appearance to it which means it can be planted without looking out of place in your aquarium’s theme. 


  • Available in two different colors and sizes that are ideal for creating a realistic aquascape
  • Is easy to clean and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove algae 
  • Constructed using non-toxic silk materials that won’t harm aquatic animals or upset the chemical balance of your aquarium’s water
  • Undulates with the current created by your aquarium’s filter to enhance the realistic effect
  • Easy to install by planting deeply into your aquarium’s substrate


  • The bases of these silk plants are not weighted, so they will need to be buried deep into your aquarium’s substrate to secure them in place


This Pack of 5 Silk Aquarium Plants from ECKETE are a fantastic choice for anybody looking to create a beautiful aquascape on a tight budget. Each of the plants covers 2.5-inches of space, giving you the ability to cover a 12.5-inch area in total and allowing you to create a safe space for your fish to shelter in. 

They are also 10.9-inches high, which makes them perfect for adding some height and architectural interest to your aquarium. Each plant is constructed using silk materials which makes them soft to the touch and ideal for planting into aquariums housing bettas or other fish with delicate fins. 

These silk materials are non-toxic too, which means they won’t cause any chemical harm to your fish or upset the delicate pH balance of your aquarium’s water. Meanwhile, the fade-resistant colors provide a realistic effect. They even undulate with the current of the aquarium’s water filter, enchanting their realism even further. 

The base of each plant is constructed from ceramic which weighs it down and prevents it from floating back to the surface. They are easy to install too, and can simply be placed on the bottom of your aquarium or planted into the substrate. 


  • A pack of five silk aquarium plants that cover a combined space of 12.5-inches 
  • Can either be planted as a group or individually and are easy to install with the special ceramic base
  • The soft, silk material makes them ideal for use in aquariums housing fish with delicate fins
  • Completely non-toxic and won’t cause any harm to aquatic creatures or upset the pH of the water
  • Features fade-resistant colors and each plant moves realistically with the water current


  • They may be slightly too tall for some aquariums. However, they can easily be trimmed down to a suitable size. 


If you’re looking for something a little more tropical and vibrant, then this Blue Silk Aquarium Plant from Imagitarium could make a wonderful addition to your aquarium. Featuring blue foliage and bright pink flowers, it’s a real showstopper!

It’s safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquarium environments too, and it’s non-toxic construction means it won’t cause any harm to your aquarium’s residents. You won’t have to worry about it creating an imbalance in your aquarium’s water either. 

Measuring in at 12-inches high, this silk aquarium plant is ideal for creating architectural interest in your aquarium and providing your fish with somewhere safe to shelter. The artificial foliage is soft to the touch as well, which means it won’t cause any cuts or scratches on delicately-finned fish. 

The base of this silk aquarium plant is specially weighted to help keep it securely in place, and it’s easy to install by simply planting into your aquarium’s substrate. The base also has a gravel design that allows you to seamlessly blend it into lighter-colored gravels, or it can easily be buried beneath the surface of your existing substrate if you prefer. 


  • Features vibrant blue silk foliage and bright pink artificial flowers
  • Is non-toxic and can be used in freshwater, saltwater, and tropical aquariums
  • Its 12-inch height provides your fish with a safe space to shelter 
  • The soft, silk foliage is ideal for aquariums with delicately-finned fish
  • Has a specially weighted base to help keep it securely in place at all times


  • Although the foliage is soft, the stems and pink flowers are made of hard plastic. However, they don’t have any sharp edges.

Best Silk Aquarium Plants Buying Guide

Finding the best silk plants for your aquarium can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Below, we’ve listed some key points to help make the shopping process easier and to help guide you towards the best choice for your fish tank the first time around. 


The first, and certainly the most important, thing to look for when shopping for silk aquarium plants is its toxicity level. It is essential that your chosen artificial plant is 100% non-toxic. If not, it could poison your fish and any other animals living in your aquarium. 

A non-toxic silk plant will not cause any imbalances in your aquarium’s water either. This means that your fish can continue swimming around happily without taking in any potentially harmful chemicals. 

Color & Design

Once you’re certain that your chosen silk aquarium plant is totally non-toxic, it’s time to think about what sort of theme you’d like your aquarium to have. This is where you can really start to have fun and bring your imagination to life!

Silk aquarium plants are available in almost any color you can think of. If you’re going for a serene, river-bed appearance, then different hues of green and red make a fantastic choice. Fancy something a little more tropical? Go for vibrant colors like blue and pink to get that coral-reef effect. 

Different colors can enhance the beauty of your fish too. Certain species, such as neon tetras, have vibrant markings that will shine even brighter against certain shades. Going for a silk plant that’s too bright might dull the natural radiance of your fish in comparison. 

Whatever color or style of plant you’ve gone for, you ideally want it to look as realistic as possible. Luckily, many silk plants have been specially designed with ultimate realism in mind. 

One of the most realistic effects you can find in a silk plant is its ability to undulate with the water current being produced by your aquarium’s filter. This allows it to gently sway and gives it a super life-like appearance. This also helps to reduce the amount of algae building up on the plant, which makes it much easier when it comes to cleaning them.

Most silk plants are soft to the touch by design, but it’s an important thing to look for if you’ve got fish with delicate fins. Anything too sharp could cause scratches which can lead to infections, so it’s worth taking the time to check for the sake of your fish’s health. 

Height & Width

As well as making sure that your silk aquarium plants are soft to the touch, it’s a good idea to consider the amount of space they’ll take up in your tank too. Remember, however, that the more space your plants take up, the less swimming space your fish have. 

Grouping plants together will create large hiding spaces where your aquarium’s residents will be able to shelter and feel safe if they sense a threat. One large group of planting will also leave a more open swimming-space for your fish then placing plants sporadically throughout the aquarium.

The height of your chosen silk plants is another important factor. Tall plants can add architectural interest to your aquarium and will look even more realistic when undulating with the water current. 

To create a super realistic aquascape, we would recommend purchasing a variety of differently sized silk plants to add different levels of height and width to your aquarium. You may find that some plants are too tall to fit into your aquarium. If this does happen, you can easily trim them down to size with a sharp pair of scissors. Just be certain that you’ve sanded down any sharp points left behind before placing them into your aquarium. 

Weighted Base

Silk aquarium plants are fairly light and, if not planted into your aquarium’s substrate properly, can float to the surface of the water. This can lead to the headache of having to constantly place them back in position.

To avoid this frustration, look for a silk aquarium plant that has a weighted base. This will keep the plants firmly in place and prevent them from floating away, even if they are being nibbled or tugged at by an inquisitive fish!


Finally, take a look at how easy your chosen silk aquarium plants are going to be to clean. Just like your fish tank itself, algae and bio-material can build up on your silk plants over time which, if left uncleaned, can lead to an increased level of ammonia in the water. 

The easier your plants are to clean the better. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is the easiest way of cleaning your plants. Anything that requires vigorous scrubbing could cause the colors to fade which, in turn, will reduce the vibrant aesthetics of your tank. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are silk plants safe for aquariums?

Yes! A silk plant is a fantastic addition to any aquarium and, in some cases, might be a better choice for your fish.

This is because they are softer than traditional plastics and don’t tend to have any sharp edges. 

This results in fewer scratches on your fish’s fins or body which can lead to nasty infections.