Best Pet Camera For Cats

Whether you want to keep an eye on your mischievous feline friends whilst you’re away at work, or just see what they get up to when you’re not around, you can get peace of mind and hours of enjoyment from a pet camera.

Ranging from simplistic setups to extravagant treat dispensers with built-in laser toys, there are many to choose from, and though you’re spoilt for choice, it might be difficult to decide which one is best for you to watch your cat companion.

Before wasting unnecessary time and money, why not have a look at the five we’ve picked out? All come highly recommended from other customers, and there’s a variety of options to suit all budgets and situations.

If you’d like to be more thorough in your research, our easy to read, concise buyer’s guide outlines every feature worth considering before you hit Add To Cart, to make sure you’ll be fully satisfied when your new gadget arrives.

Scared to commit, or still wondering if it’s the right buy for you? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of this guide for answers to some common queries from other confused customers to allay your fears.

Need To Watch Your Cat Now? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Top 5 Best Pet Camera for Cats


An affordable camera system any considerate owner can rely on, we recommend the Petcube Cam classic for customers in a hurry, with high-quality footage and expensive features you might not expect at this price point.

Day or night-time monitoring is possible in 1080p, with twenty-four-hour live streaming; adjust the 110-degree wide-angle view and digital zoom yourself, whilst the camera automatically adjusts to night vision mode in the day.

Clear, crackle-free two-way audio lets cats hear your natural voice, avoiding confusion so you can say hello whilst listening in on them. You can catch them in the act of destructive behavior and scold them, even when you’re not at home!

Any major noises or disruptions will trigger a real-time alert to your phone, set off by a sound or motion detector; should you receive a notification, simply connect to the camera to see what’s going on - no need to rush home unnecessarily.

The first service of it’s kind to offer an on-demand veterinary service chat, you can communicate live with a professional for answers to health, nutritional or behavioral questions, and your first consultation is free.


  • Cute, compact design you can place anywhere in the home
  • Securely allow friends and family to access the Petcube Cam via the app
  • Quick setup in under a minute
  • Up to 90 days of cloud-stored footage history


  • No laser pointer as in other PetCube products


Always wished you could enjoy playing with your cat from your desk at work or when otherwise away from home? Well, now you can, thanks to the interactive pet camera from VSTARCAM.

Checking in on your kitty (or kitties) is as easy as opening the app, to view live full HD 1080p camera, boasting a 107 degree wide angle view, with vertical and horizontal rotation to provide 360 degree protection.

Intelligent IR-Cut dual filters allow for crisp, clear images day or night, with up to 10 meters of night vision capability even in pitch dark conditions; share access to the camera with others via the app when you need someone else to keep an eye.

Provide stimulation for bored felines and either remotely control the built-in laser or set it to auto-pilot when you’re otherwise occupied - no longer will you feel guilty about staying later with friends or taking a late shift.

Alarms will be sent instantly to your phone with motion sound detection, picking up strange movements and sounds to alert you to odd behavior or mischief from your furry friend. Always have a watchful eye over your pet!


  • Quick WiFi set up with app via smartphone for remote access
  • Up to four users on one camera
  • Cloud storage functionality
  • High-quality footage
  • App supports Android and iOS devices


  • Not functional with 5ghz WiFi yet


Looking deceptively like a classic computer webcam, the budget-friendly cat camera from IMILLET will surprise you, as customers have attested in their reviews, and at this price, it’s worth the risk.

Offering up to 4x digital zoom function and 350-degree rotation the camera can follow your kitty around the room, and will automatically switch to night mode when the lights are low thanks to infrared LEDS.

An ultra-responsive in-built microphone lets you soothe a scared cat or prevent misbehavior from a naughty one, no matter where you are or what you’re doing - though it won’t stop you from looking a bit strange.

If you want to set up cameras all over your house, or just in a few key areas, you can connect multiple systems and switch between each one via the app, which also allows multiple users to view the live feed simultaneously.

Worried about your pet behaving badly? Gain peace of mind from notifications direct to your smartphone to alert you when movements are detected, so you don’t have to keep the footage streaming on your phone all day.


  • Infrared night vision technology
  • 4x zoom, near-360 degree wide view
  • Most affordable camera on the list


  • Only compatible with 2.4 GHz wif


If you’re seeking a camera with more of a CCTV feel, this one from AIIYME might be just what you’re looking for, easily mounted to your wall or ceiling (or placed on your desk, if you prefer), with a high-tech, attractive exterior.

10 IR LEDs allow for between 32 and 39 feet of visibility at night distance, whilst maintaining full 1080p resolution twenty-four hours a day, attaining maximum coverage in full HD thanks to a 160-degree ultra-wide-angle lens.

Communicate with your cat whenever you want to via the in-built microphone and speaker setup - you can even play soothing music to distract a distressed cat or lull kitty off to sleep when they won’t settle.

Sound and motion detectors are synced with the easy-to-use app, sending push notifications on iOS and Android devices to alert busy owners of pets in need of assistance or up to no good.

Connect to your smartphone using 2.4GHz wifi for swift setup and instant connection all over the world, using the interactive laser toy to play with your pussycat remotely no matter where you are.


  • Mounts to wall or ceiling
  • 1080p HD camera streaming 24/7
  • In-built laser pointer for hours of fun and exercise
  • Compatibility with air conditioner to control your home’s temperature


  • Cannot be placed near any glass, as this impacts infrared


Brand new from the folks at PetCube, this upgraded design boasts a built-in laser toy and Alexa functionality to improve on an already-successful classic, and for the eager cat owner it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Sleek and stylish in matte black and silver, put it anywhere in your home to check in via a live 1080p HD feed, using a 160-degree wide-angle view and 4x zoom to get up close and personal from afar.

Superior sound quality offers a rich communication channel for you and your cat, with a four-microphone array and improved speaker bar, perfect for detecting sound and motion to send real-time alerts to your phone.

Playtime never stops with the built-in laser pointer pen, controlled by you or autoplay mode to keep your pets entertained even when you aren’t home or don’t have time to use the app.


  • All the quality of the original PetCube with new, advanced features
  • High-def audio and visuals at all times
  • Built-in laser pointer
  • Voice assistant functionality


  • On the expensive side

Best Pet Camera For Cats Buying Guide

Alright, you’re thinking of picking up a camera to monitor your moggy, but what makes a good one, and how do you know you’re going to come away with the right product for you?

Consider the following...


Much like a standard home security system, the camera doesn’t need to record footage as clear and as crisp in quality as you’d find on TV. Unless you’re planning to use the recordings for a project, a 720-1080 pixel camera should suffice.

Movement is another factor: those well-versed in cat behavior know that they can clamber up to some strange places, so cameras capable of pan tilt, zooming, and rotation will allow you to change up your view and find them.

High-tech, albeit more expensive products, might have night-vision functionality, meaning even if you’re out after dark, working a late shift or have poor lighting, it’s still possible to observe your cat from afar.


If seeing your pet is not enough to reassure you, then getting a camera with a built-in microphone will allow you audio access as well as visual monitoring, letting you eavesdrop on your cat wherever you are.

Particularly nervous kitties might benefit from two-way audio communication. Not unlike a baby monitor, this allows you to call out to and soothe your cat even when you’re not at home, which should aid separation anxiety.


Although the camera itself might be brilliant, it’s important to bear in mind its ability to connect to your home network, as well as the useability of the app software that allows you to view your cat from anywhere, so long as you’re connected to WiFi.

Even when picture quality is good, if the app is difficult to navigate or doesn’t work properly, you’ll find the overall experience is tarnished and your money wasted: check the reviews for customer feedback to prevent this.

Additional Features

Whilst the unique selling point of a cat camera is the opportunity to make sure your cat is alright and staying out of trouble when you’re out of the house, it’s possible to pick up a model with even more features that will please even the grumpiest of cats.

Automatic treat dispensers allow you to remotely offer feline friends a little pick me up, without the chance for them to take advantage of a manipulatable mechanism and access more than you would like them to.

Fancier models could boast a built-in laser pointer, which are known to provide countless hours of entertainment for curious cats who like to chase; you’ll find it entertaining to tease them with this toy from the office or on the go, and they’ll appreciate the playtime.

Cautious owners looking for more extensive reassurance should look out for cameras with abnormal sound detectors, which pick up on bangs, crashes or strange meows and send an alert to your phone.

This means that even when you’re not looking at the app, you’ll be able to quickly jump on and check that all is well at home - this also has the added bonus of acting as a security alarm of sorts, though you shouldn’t depend on it to protect your house!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pet cameras help with separation anxiety?

Although with lower-end cameras your cat will not be able to see or hear you at all, others offer two-way communication that essentially connects you with kitty, so you can talk to them and offer reassurance.

This is not to say that your cat will be immediately soothed by your voice, but it might help and it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if you’re already committed to picking out a camera anyway. 

Can pet cameras be hacked?

Any device that’s connected to your home WiFi network has the potential to be hacked by another internet user, although most reputable providers offer some serious cybersecurity to prevent that from happening, so it’s not a major concern.

Always ensure the manufacturer offers thorough security in terms of app encryption and login security; regular updates are reassuring, as this means providers are able to patch any errors and stop security breaches before they happen.

Never click a link from an unknown email address or phone number, and remember to be wary of hackers impersonating the services and companies you subscribe to. Remember that you’ll never be asked for remote access via a URL!

How far can a cat hear you calling?

According to veterinary experts, a cat can hear your voice from distances up to five times greater than a human could, so a high-quality microphone in your cat camera should allow your furry friend to hear you from across the house.