Best Kitty Litter For Multiple Cats

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this - Terry Pratchett

If you ask any cat owner what’s better than living with a cat, the only answer you’ll ever get is living with lots of cats.

That said, the idea of anyone actually owning a cat is, as any feline devotee will happily tell you, an absurdity. Cats choose their humans and only ever spend time with those whose company they enjoy.

But as we’ve already said, the only thing better than cohabiting with a single cat is being constantly surrounded by lots of cats.  

A home that has multiple feline occupants is always a happy home, as being the astute judges of character that they are, any human who shares their living quarters with a number of cats is invariably a person you can always trust.

Living with multiple cats, while joyous and empowering, creates its own set of problems. Especially if the cats in question are all house, and indoor, cats.

Just like us, cats need to use the bathroom, and while they’re exceptionally clean animals, if you live with multiple cats, odor and hygiene can become a problem if you don’t address the litter issue properly.

Having a lot of cats who want to use the same kitty bathroom, means that the only way that you’re all going to be happy and live in a stress and aroma free environment is if you find, and use, the right litter.

Being part of a multiple cat house has taught us which litters do and don’t work, and that’s why we’ve come up with this list of five of the best kitty litters for multiple cat homes so that we can share the benefit of our knowledge with you.

 That way, you can treat your kitties to the best litter there is and make sure that you, and they, can all live happily ever after.

Top 5 Best Kitty Litter For Multiple Cats


There isn’t a cat person alive who isn’t familiar with Purina, and while the brand is more closely associated with the fuel that goes in the other end, they’re also incredibly efficient at dealing with the waste products that fuel is turned into. And that’s why Purina has taken pole position in our list.

If you live with lots of cats, you’re going to need lots of litter, and this forty-pound bag is the perfect size for the multiple cat home.

Dust-free so that it doesn’t kick up a storm, or make any extra mess when your kitties go digging, Tidy Cats clumps easily which makes it easy to monitor and remove said clumps from your cat’s tray, or trays when they appear. 

Tidy Cats also has a ten-day odor control formula, which locks away all of the unpleasant smells that are invariably associated with litter trays and keeps your home smelling fresh and fragrant.

It doesn’t matter how many cats you live with, Purina’s Tidy Cats will make sure that they’re bathroom experience is always pleasant, and that your house will remain aroma free. 


  • The bigger the bags, the cheaper it is, which makes astute financial sense when you buy the sort of size that you’ll need to effectively keep up with the litter tray visits of numerous cats.
  • Tidy Cats is a clumping powerhouse of a kitty litter. It forms easy to deal with and simple to remove clumps that are aroma-free and effortless to dispose of.
  • And it’s also great at dealing with moisture and absorbs any that heads its way without a single problem.
  • Its ten-day control formula is nothing, quite literally, to be sniffed at. It works, and if you’ve been around litter that doesn’t manage to combat the unforgiving perfume of used kitty litter, you’ll know how important effective odor control is.


  • The odor control does come at a price, and that’s the scent of Tidy Cats. It has its own original bouquet, that while not unpleasant is slightly strange and does take some getting used to. Some kitty folks like it and some don’t, and the only way you'll know which side of the fence you fall on is when your cats try it for themselves. 
  • It clumps and gathers everything together, and if some should, for whatever reason, end up getting stuck to the side of the litter tray, if you don’t deal with it straight away, it can end up setting like concrete and be just as difficult to remove. 


Not only have Fresh Step partnered with Febreeze to create an ultimate odor control litter, but every purchase of Fresh Step contributes to the brand’s Paw Points loyalty program which is designed to benefit and help cat shelters throughout the nation.

Fresh Step believes that every cat deserves a home, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is to make that belief a reality.

Fresh Step is a tight clumping litter that locks moisture and odor on contact thanks to its patented ClumpLock technology which in turn makes it easy for you to monitor and clean your cat’s litter tray.

And it’s ten-day bacterial odor control kicks in the minute that your cats relieve themselves and the litter starts to clump.

That said, Fresh Steps real secret weapon is the paw activated Febreze freshness that’s set off every single time one of your cat’s steps on to the litter and keeps your house smelling Febreze fresh and clean. 

It’s a three-stage multi-cat litter that does everything that Fresh Step claims it will with the added power of Febreeze.


  • Every time you buy a bag of Fresh Step you contribute to their Paw Points program, which directly benefits cats and cat shelters. Kitty litter that helps to save the lives of cats everywhere? That’s a cause that we can definitely get behind.
  • Fresh Step is a low dust, high clumping litter that effectively polices your cat's litter tray and eliminates any, and all of the odors and unpleasant smells that tend to linger if they’re left unchecked. And what’s more, it uses the power of Febreeze to fight back and make your home smell fresh, clean, and like its kitty litter free. 
  • It comes in the sort of size bags that you’ll be eternally grateful for if you live in a multiple cat home. Big is best when you’re surrounded by lots of felines, and big is one of the things Fresh Step does best.  And it’s also surprisingly affordable, which is always a bonus when it comes to keeping your home odor-free for all of your kitty companions


  • Honestly? There are none. Fresh Step is genuinely one of the very best litters that have been purpose-designed for multiple cat homes. And you don’t have to take our word for it, just Google some of the reviews. It’s got an army of faithful fans out there in internet land.  


We know, trust us we know. The first time we stumbled across this cat litter (not literally, rather metaphorically) we thought exactly the same thing as you’re thinking right now.

Aren’t Arm & Hammer the toothpaste people? And you’re right they are, but they also make this incredible kitty litter, so put your toothbrush down and focus, because we’ll guarantee that you’ll be glad if you do. 

The same baking soda that Arm & Hammer uses to make your teeth whiter, is used by this litter to control and in conjunction with a number of other equally powerful odor eliminators, to completely wipe out any lingering aroma.

As well as its serious clumping power, Slide Easy uses Arm & Hammer’s EZ clean technology which makes sure that the litter slides right out of the tray when it’s done and leaves no messy residue behind. 

It may sound a little crazy, but Platinum Slide is one of America’s best selling kitty litters, and having used it on more than a few occasions, it’s easy to see why.

Who knew that baking soda could be so effective as kitty litter? Well, Arm & Hammer obviously did.


  • As an odor controller, it’s second to none and completely and effectively wipes out any lingering smells and clumps and keeps everything tight and right in the world of the kitty litter tray.
  • EZ clean is a gift from kittie heaven when it comes to cleaning up the tray and swapping out the litter. Just pour, wipe clean and your cat’s tray is ready to go again.
  • It’s also incredibly affordable. You’re going to want to buy in bulk if you have multiple cats and Slide Easy makes that easy to do. It won’t hurt your bank account and it’ll make your cats happy. What’s not to like?


  • It’s a seven-day formula rather than a ten-day one, and while that sounds like it won’t make a huge difference, at the end of the day, it really does. Those three days really do make a difference. 


If a company is prepared to go all out and not only claim that their product is the best in the world but are willing to use it as their brand name as well, their cat litter had better be able to back those statements up.

And to be fair to World’s Best, their product is definitely in contention for that title.

A one hundred percent natural cat litter that doesn’t use chemicals or artificial perfumes, World’s Best is fast clumping, has incredible odor control and is also completely dust-free.

And unlike other kitty litter, it’s also flushable and septic system friendly, so you don’t have to put it out with the trash, you can just flush it straight down the toilet and be safe and secure in the knowledge that it won’t block or damage your home’s plumbing or the sewer system. 

Best of all though? It’s an ecologically sound, environmentally kind kitty litter that doesn’t, and won’t, harm the planet at any stage of its journey, from production through to final use.

It’s safe for you, your kitties, and the world. 


  • Completely natural, World’s Best doesn’t use any of the chemicals and perfumes that can be off-putting for some cats. It’s a litter that all cats love. 
  • World’s Best reputation for odor control and performance is well-known among cat lovers, and proof positive that they earned their name the hard way. And they did it by making an outstanding litter that cats, and humans, adore. 
  • And, going back to the fact that it’s one hundred percent natural, World’s Best is completely safe for everyone - people, cats, and the environment.


  • Unfortunately, World’s Best is also incredibly expensive. Having a social conscience and wanting the best for your cats isn’t cheap. If you want the best, you’ll have to pay for it and it won’t be kind to your pocketbook if you do become a World’s Best convert.


A brand that wears their heart on their sleeve, Dr. Elsey’s believes in pets not profit and they put heart, soul, and science into all of their products.

Their Ultra Premium Cat Litter is made for the benefit of cats but has the added advantage that humans seem to like it too.

It’s an unscented, clay-based litter that boasts superior odor control and easy clumping and quick-acting moisture and liquid control. It’s easy on the nose, even easier on your pocketbook and cats seem to love it. And who are we to argue with our feline friends?  

They’re a brand that, more than anything else, puts the welfare of pets first and their bottom line second. In this increasingly crazy world, that’s a rarity and should be supported rather than ignored.

Plus, it’s kind of hard to ignore Dr. Elsey’s when they charge the sort of prices for their litter that they do, especially when it’s as good as it is. 


  • We know, it’s a clay litter so there’s going to be dust if your cats use this litter. But, it’s a surprisingly low amount and it generates far less dust than you think it will.
  • And the odor control is pretty spot on too considering that it’s an unscented litter that doesn’t pollute your home with sweet, cloying, and unnecessary artificial perfumes. 
  • Then there’s the price. Dr. Elsey’s is one of the most affordable multi-cat kitty litters on our list and having used it a few times, we can happily vouch for its effectiveness


  • As with all clay litters, there’s a slight risk that, if you have a cat that likes to consume kitty litter which some felines do, they’ll do just that which can lead to all sorts of complications and unwanted veterinary bills. So, if you have a cat that likes litter a little too much, maybe Dr. Elsey’s isn’t the litter that will make their lives better. 

Best Kitty Litter For Multiple Cats Buying Guide

What Is Kitty Litter?

Kitty litter is a material that is used in cat litter trays for cats to defecate and urinate in. In the wild cats are used to relieving themselves in soft sand and loose dirt and bury their waste products afterward. 

Cat litter is designed to mimic the sand and soft dirt that cats would naturally choose to relieve themselves in and to cover and minimise the odor and clump and collect all of their waste material, making it easy to dispose of. 

The first commercially available brand of cat litter was developed and sold in America by Ed Lowe in nineteen forty-seven and was called Kitty Litter. This is why to this day cat litter is often referred to as kitty litter. 

What Should I Look For In Kitty Litter If I Have Multiple Cats?

If you have more than one cat and they all use a litter box or more than one litter box, the main things you’re going to need in a good kitty litter are effective odor control, fast clumping power, and an efficient moisture lock.

All of those things will make it easy to clean your cat’s litter trays and boxes and keep your house free of the sort of scents and aromas that you don’t want hanging around. 

Which Kitty Litter For Multiple Cats Is Right For Me?

All of the kitty litters on our list are designed to cope with all of the demands that a multiple cat household places on litter trays, and the only thing that really separates them at the end of the day, is your budget. 

If it’s slightly lower, then we’d always recommend either Arm & Hammer or Dr. Elseys, as they’re both incredibly effective litters that are designed to fall within the parameters of a modern household budget.

However, if your budget isn’t an issue and you want the absolute best litter that money can buy for your cats, then you need look no further than World’s Best or Fresh Step, which are the premium litters that top every cat’s Christmas list. 

Whichever litter you do end up choosing and your kitty’s end up using, will ensure that you’ll both be a lot happier. And happy cats make a happy home.