Best Food For Guppies

Whether you’re a guppy enthusiast, or just a casual hobbyist, the one thing that you’ll want to make sure of when it comes to your beloved fish is that they’re getting the right nutrition. 

But with so many different fish food products on the market, how can you be sure that you’re buying the best food for your guppies? Fear not, for we have scoured the internet for all the best food products it has to offer.

No matter if you’re looking for the best everyday food or just a supplementary product to give them all the nutrients they need, this list of the best food for guppies will have everything you need.

We’ve even included a handy buyer’s guide as well as some frequently asked questions below to show you the kind of things you need to look out for! Short on time? Take a look at our top pick below.


The TetraMin tropical flake food is specifically designed with tropical fish in mind, meaning it’s the perfect choice for your guppies.

Offers a complete balanced diet so as to give your guppies the nutrition they need.

The TetraMin flake food uses an active life formula. This works to promote growth, maintain healthy cells, and aid digestion.

Feed your guppies with this tropical flake food two or three times daily - with only as much as they can eat in three minutes - for less waste.

Utilizes a clear water formula so as to not cloud your water when used as directed. That means you won’t have to clean out your tank as often as you would have to with other products on the market.


  • Perfect for your guppies as it’s designed for tropical fish.
  • Offers your guppies a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Includes select proteins to promote growth and Omega-3 fatty acids for energy.
  • Specially designed to leave less waste in your aquarium.
  • Uses a ‘cleaner and clearer formula’ to leave your water clean when used as directed.


  • Some customers found this particular fish food to be on the pungent side.


API tropical flake food is designed to give your guppies a complete, balanced diet in order to keep them as healthy as can be.

This particular fish food contains squid and menhaden so as to provide your guppies with the perfect blend of amino acids for optimal growth.

API tropical flake food includes a nutritionally enhanced protein and a blend of nutrients which are easy for your guppies to absorb into their immune systems. 

The easy to ingest nutrients are specially formulated so as to produce less waste, ergo cleaner, clearer water in your tank. 

Perfect for community tanks with a variety of different guppies in them.


  • Your fish will release up to 30% less ammonia, meaning cleaner, clearer water.
  • Contains a complete, balanced diet for your guppies.
  • Has a blend of nutrients and a nutritionally enhanced protein.
  • Gives you a cleaner, clearer tank with less waste.
  • Ideal for larger community tanks.


  • Several customers reported the flake food producing a foul smell.


Fluval color enhancing food flakes is a highly palatable fish food that your guppies are sure to love.

This particular fish food is specifically designed so as to enhance the color of your tropical fish. Ideal if you want to keep your guppies looking vibrant!

Fluval color enhancing food flakes contain several excellent sources of protein.

This contains all the essential vitamins that your guppies will need to stay strong and healthy.

The Fluval food flakes is an excellent choice to provide your guppies with their daily nutrition.


  • Excellent for giving your guppies their daily nutrition.
  • Contains several sources of protein.
  • Specially designed to enhance the colors of your tropical guppies.
  • Contains all the essential vitamins your guppies need.
  • Highly palatable for your guppies to enjoy.


  • The design of the tub itself means it can be a bit tricky to get a pinch of food out.


Tetra freeze dried blood worms are an ideal supplementary food for your guppies to ensure that they’re getting the full nutritional benefits they need from their diet.

These freeze dried blood worms are specially processed so as to minimize the undesirable organisms that can be occasionally found in live specimens.

Blood worms are perfect for your guppies, as they give them the extra energy they need to thrive.

This particular food comes with a child-safety lid so as to give you peace of mind when storing it in your cupboard.

These freeze dried blood worms should be used as a supplementary product in conjunction with your guppies’ usual flake food. Ideal for use with Tetra’s tropical flake food!


  • A supplementary product to be used as well as other flake foods.
  • Gives your guppies the energy and excellent conditioning they need.
  • Specially processed to reduce the likelihood of undesirable organisms.
  • Ideal for guppies to give them a complete nutritional profile.
  • Comes with a child-safety lid to give you peace of mind.


  • As a supplementary product, you won’t be able to rely on these freeze dried blood worms as your only food source.


This Hikari tropical fancy guppy fish food is rich in natural color enhancers, so you can keep your guppies looking as bright as can be.

This particular food is specially designed for guppies - so you’ll know that you’re buying a product that will give them all the right vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy.

Hikari’s guppy fish food is designed so as to slowly sink in your tank, allowing all of your fish to be able to eat their fill.

This guppy food is high in linolenic acid so as to promote growth in your fish as well to activate the breeding process.

The inclusion of stabilized vitamin C and chitosan is perfect for supporting the immune system of your guppies.


  • Specifically designed with guppies in mind.
  • Contains natural color enhancers to give your guppies the boost they need.
  • Specially designed to sink slowly so as to give all your fish the chance to eat.
  • High in linolenic acid to promote growth.
  • Full immune system support for your guppies.


  • A few customers found this food to be too small for adult guppies and thought it better suited to fry.

Best Food For Guppies Buying Guide

You’ll want to know that you’re buying the best possible food product for your guppies so that they can flourish in your home marine environment. But what kind of things should you be looking out for when trying to decide which foods to choose?

As tempting as it is to just go for the first item that pops up in your search, hold fire. We’ve put together a list of things you’ll need to look out for when choosing the best food for your guppies.

Are you wanting to give them a full nutritional profile? Or something to help them look more vibrant in your tank? How often should you feed them, and how much? Take a look at our top tips below.

Recommended dose

Remember to check your chosen food for the recommended daily dosage. Guppies are notoriously easy to overfeed, as they’ll eat as much food as you’re willing to give them. Overfeeding will cause health issues in your guppies - even if you’re feeding them the right kind of foods.

The general rule to stick to is a pinch of food either one or two times a day. Make sure to only put in as much food as your guppies can eat within three minutes, as anything else will be wasted or risks overfeeding them.

Type of food

There are many different types of guppy food available on the market. The most common one is food flakes; these tend to have all the vitamins and minerals that your guppies need, and are a good bet for providing them with a full nutritional profile. Try and choose a flake food that is high in protein if you can.

Veggie pellets are another good choice and tend to be a supplementary option. These will contain essential greens such plankton, spirulina, and algae, which are high in vitamins B, C, D, and E. These will help to maintain healthier fins and tails, as well as help your guppies resist skin infections.

Brine shrimp are an excellent source of protein for your guppies. You should aim to feed them this particular food either once or twice a week to give them the boost they need. This can also be fed to both adult fish and fry!

Freeze dried blood worms should be one of your top choices for supplementary foods when it comes to your fry. These will help to improve their growth rate.

If you’re after a great conditioner for your guppies, opt for freeze dried tubifex worms. You should try and avoid offering live tubifex worms, as these can carry bacteria that could potentially kill your fish. You should only need to offer these once a week.

Nutritional profile

Don’t have the time to be fussing around with feeding your guppies several different types of food during the week? Not to worry, there are plenty of quality flake foods that should be able to give your guppies all the sustenance they need to stay healthy and strong.

If you’re opting for a single food product to offer your guppies, be mindful of the nutritional profile that it offers. Try and opt for a product that will give your guppies everything they need to thrive.

Color enhancers

Most guppies will have naturally vibrant colors that you might want to brighten. The good news is there is a range of color enhancer products you can offer them so as to give them a vibrancy boost!

Take a look as to whether your chosen color enhancer offers your guppies other things in the way of nutrition, too.

Expiration date

When buying your guppies’ next lot of food, be mindful of any expiration date on the product. Products that have expired tend to lack the vitamins that guppies need to flourish, so you may need to supplement these with another food item.

Adult or fry

Depending on the age of your guppies, they may need different types of nutrition from the food you offer. For instance, your fry will need a little helping hand to improve their growth rates, or your adult guppies may need a little extra help to activate their breeding.

Live food or shop bought food?

If you’re really dedicated to giving your guppies the best nutrition possible, you may want to consider offering them live food. These are something you can cultivate yourself, however, live food is notorious for being difficult to maintain as it can be very time consuming. 

If you choose live food, remember not to dump it all in the tank at once - try adding it in multiple doses so as to give your guppies the chance to gobble it all up.

For those of you who are just the casual hobbyist, or don’t have a lot of time, shop bought foods are fine to offer to your guppies. Flake food is the most common choice as it provides all the necessary minerals and vitamins that your fish will need to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my guppy color?

There are specific color enhancer products you can purchase if you want to improve on your guppy’s color. Several of these products will be able to offer your guppies a balanced diet, too, so are well worth an investment. Freeze dried blood worms or freeze dried shrimp are the perfect supplementary choice to help improve your guppies’ color.

Do my guppies need light at night?

While it’s true that guppies need at least between 8 - 10 hours of light to stay healthy, as this is roughly the amount of light they would have in their natural environment, there’s no need to leave the light on overnight. As long as you’re able to offer them that length of consistent light during the daylight hours, your guppies should flourish in your tank.

How often should guppies be fed?

Guppies are notorious overeaters. You can’t trust them to tell you when they’re hungry, as they’ll always be hungry. It’s important not to overfeed them, so aim to only feed them once or twice a day. You should only feed them with as much food as they can eat in the span of three minutes or less. Try giving them smaller, multiple pinches to give all of your guppies the chance to get something to eat.