Best Food for Cory Catfish

Taking care of your fish pet requires covering a few basic needs, such as providing a suitable home, some high-quality water to stay alive in, and of course, some food! Different fish species have different feeding needs, so it doesn’t cut it to simply buy any fish food you find available.

You need to buy the food that is most suited to your fish. The cory catfish, also commonly known as the Corydoras, needs a good diet with a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, so that it can go about its fishy habits well-fed.

Cory catfish are bottom-dwelling fish, and they’re also bottom feeders, (although if hungry enough, they will venture up to the top for feeding). They’re omnivores and aren’t picky in their diets at all, as they will feed on anything small and soft enough to fit into their mouths.

That being said, you should feed them the appropriate food that will allow them to be healthy. For a higher-quality diet, it’s sometimes good to rotate between different fish foods, so that your cory is getting the balanced diet it requires.

There are many available options for different fish foods in today’s market, so finding the best choice of food for your cory catfish might be somewhat of a struggle. To help make things easier, we’ve compiled a list with our top five picks for the best food for cory catfish.


Hikari is an extremely well-renowned brand that specializes in different types of fish food, offering high standards of quality for all their products, and recommended by many.

The Algae Wafers Fish Food is hugely popular amongst customers, with an overwhelming number of positive reviews and ratings that place it at the top of our list.

Although cory fish are omnivorous, most of their diet still consists of plant matter, making these algae wafers ideal! These algae wafers are designed to sink to the bottom, as cory fish are bottom-dwellers, and they’ve also been shaped to perfectly fit into the cory fish’s mouth!

Made with the finest ingredients, these algae wafers contain high levels of cultured spirulina. They’re also very rich in stabilized vitamin C, which helps reduce the fish’s stress and promotes a better immune system against disease and sickness.

A great feature this fish food has is that it doesn’t dissolve or cloud the water, making it easier for your cory to identify and eat it. Easy to digest and extremely healthy, they’re an ideal product to feed your fish with.


  • Well known and highly recommended product
  • Designed to sink to the bottom and shaped for cory catfish feeding
  • Plant-based algae wafers for a healthy diet
  • Contains high levels of cultured spirulina
  • Rich in vitamin C for an improved immune system
  • Doesn’t dissolve or cloud in the water


  • Becomes slimy if left in the water for too long


The Wardley Shrimp pellets Formula Fish Food is an excellent and high-quality fish food, especially for tropical fish and bottom feeders such as the corydoras catfish.

The product contains slow sinking pellets that make their way to the bottom of the tank, where your cory fish can feed. It has a balanced mixture of crude proteins and fat-filled ingredients, making it ideal for the required omnivorous diet of the cory catfish.

This combined source of nutrition will keep your cory with high energy levels so that it can go about its day around the tank, and it will help keep your fish healthy and strong enough to withstand the slightly cooler tank environment (compared to its tropical natural habitat).

The Wardley shrimp pellets are also full of stabilized vitamin C which boosts the immune system, reducing the risk of disease and sickness!

The high-quality proteins will promote a normal growth rate, and overall, this fish food is a great healthy source of nutrients for a happy cory catfish!


  • Slow-sinking shrimp pellets for bottom feeding
  • An ideal mixture of crude proteins and fat-filled ingredients
  • Vitamin C for a boosted immune system
  • Promotes a healthy and natural growth rate


  • Can often cause overfeeding


API is another well known and highly recommended brand, that has many fish-related products that span all across different foods and even different tank products.

The Bottom Feeder Fish Food Pellets are specifically designed to replicate the natural diet a cory catfish would have in its tropical habitat, with a few supplements and additions to help it battle the difference in conditions within the fish tank environment.

The product has a big range of ingredients to make it an all-around ideal diet, with shrimp pellet, mussel, and seaweed for improved nutrition, which also tastes great for your fish!

It has also been formulated to be easily digested, therefore the fish expels less toxic ammonia in its waste, and the water is a lot cleaner.

It’s a great option with excellent ingredients to create an optimal and nutritious diet for your cory catfish, with some added benefits on the side!


  • Bottom-feeding sinking pellets
  • Designed to replicate natural feeding habits
  • Shrimp pellet, mussel, and seaweed amongst other ingredients
  • Formulated to be easily digested - less ammonia in the waste


  • Supplements might be required if you wish to breed the fish


If you’re looking for fish food that contains the highest standard of ingredients, including the freshest of shrimp for your cory catfish, then we recommend you check out the Omega One Sinking Shrimp Pellets.

In fact, this brand claims to source their shrimp from Alaskan fishermen to ensure the highest of quality! This fish food is made from all-natural ingredients, including shrimp, herring, and salmon.

It is also full of 100% natural color enhancers and cold-water vitamins to provide your cory catfish with plenty of nutrients for a healthy and boosted diet.

The sinking shrimp pellets are insoluble, so there’s no risk of them clouding the water, and they also have less starch than the average pellets, so that they reduce the fish waste.

Overall, it’s an incredible option for natural ingredients full of all the necessary nutrients, and we’re sure that the Alaskan shrimp makes all the difference to keep your cory catfish happy!


  • Extremely high-quality ingredients - with shrimp from Alaskan fishermen
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Natural color enhancers and vitamins
  • Insoluble sinking pellets
  • Reduce fish waste for cleaner water


  • More expensive than average fish food


Tetra is another well-renowned brand that is famous within the fish world as it provides a wide range of products that span from fish food to different aquarium tank products.

The Tropical Tablets for Bottom Feeders are specially designed to sink and feed all types of bottom feeder fish, including the corydoras catfish. They contain 43% of crude protein to enhance the vitality and energy levels of your fish, with shrimp, spirulina, and brown rice proteins.

They’ve also been formulated to be easily digested by cory fish, even at a young age. It also includes plenty of minerals to promote a natural and healthy growth rate, keeping the well-being of your fish in mind.

The balanced nutrition is topped off with a supplement of stabilized vitamin C so that your fish’s immune system is boosted and protected from disease and sickness.

Overall, it is a well-rounded product with a healthy balance for a nutritious diet that will keep your cory catfish happy!


  • Sinking tablets for bottom-feeders
  • 43% of crude proteins including shrimp, spirulina, and brown rice
  • Formulated for easy digestion
  • Balanced nutrition with vitamin and mineral supplements


  • Starchy ingredients can lead to more waste

Best Food for Cory Catfish Buying Guide

Feeding fish is not as simple as going to the nearest pet store and buying any general-use fish food. Different types of fish have different dietary needs and it is important to take this into account if you want your fish to live a healthy and happy life, with an enhanced lifespan.

Cory catfish, known also as corydoras, are bottom-feeders that often scavenge for food, which makes them a very popular choice for aquariums, as they help keep the bottom of the tank clean. Their natural tropical habitat comes with a rich omnivorous diet, and so you should find suitable food to feed them with at home. 

There are different factors to consider when purchasing the appropriate fish food for your cory catfish, such as whether the nutritious needs are being fulfilled, and whether it has any supplements to enhance its life within the tank environment.

Some fish food can also have some bonus features, such as helping keep the water clean or being the perfect shape for a specific fish’s mouth. To help you with the basics, we’ve compiled this small buyer’s guide.

Ingredients and Nutritious Value

When it comes to food, natural ingredients are always the best and most high-quality choice. It might seem improbable, but a lot of fish foods have all-natural ingredients, and this is always a sign of good quality.

It’s good to look out for fish food that replicates the natural feeding habits of cory catfish, as they will promote a healthier diet. 

The nutritious value should be an apt balance between proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats. Take into account that the cory catfish has an omnivorous diet, but it is mostly plant-based, so fish foods containing algae are also an excellent choice. 

Bonus Features

Bonus features are always good to look out for, especially if you want to enhance and improve the life quality of your fish. Keep an eye out for fish food that has been specially formulated for easy digestion.

Not only will it be healthier for your fish, but it will also reduce the waste and ammonia levels of the water, keeping the tank cleaner. 

Stabilized vitamin C is excellent for boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of disease and illness in your fish, so that is always a good thing to look for in your fish food.

Other features might include whether the fish food dissolves or not, as it is always best that they don’t, to reduce the chance of cloudiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to feed my cory catfish?

Cory catfish are bottom-feeders, which also means they scavenge for food that might have sunk to the bottom. This is why it is important to be careful and not overfeed them, because they will spend the rest of their time eating any leftovers. 

When feeding your cory catfish, you should only feed them the amount they are able to eat during 2 to 5 minutes, usually once or twice a day as a general rule.