Best Clippers for Cats with Mats

Matted fur can be painful and unpleasant for your cat, so it is important to remove this matted fur as soon as it is spotted. A cat's fur can become matted for many reasons, some cats simply never learn how to take care of their coats, however, it can also be a result of illness or age. 

If matted fur begins to grow it can become more difficult to remove. Investing in a pair of clippers is an effective solution. We have browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best clippers available. Below we have also included a buyer’s guide containing our top tips for choosing the best product. 

If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.

TOP 5 Best Clippers for Cats with Mats


The Oneisall Electric Clippers provide you with all that you need to remove your cat’s matted fur. Aside from the clipper itself, you also receive 6 guard combs for clipping different lengthed hair. 

When in use, these clippers produce a minimal 50 dB of noise, so you can clip your cat’s matted fur without scaring them. They also produce a minimal amount of vibration which will help your cat to feel at ease during the process. Designed with a stainless steel fixed blade, you can achieve great results without harming your cat. 

Courtesy of the lithium-ion battery, these clippers are very flexible for easy portability when needed. Impressively, they can also be used as they charge so you aren’t restricted by a powerless device. 

Each of the blades is detachable allowing you to easily select a different blade when required. This also makes them much easier to clean in between uses too. 


  • As well as the clippers, you also receive scissors, a comb, 6 guard combs, and an oil bottle for an efficient grooming experience.
  • The indicator lights inform you when the clippers are charging and when they are charged to their full capacity.
  • The detachable blades are easy to clean in between uses.
  • Designed with a sharp blade you can achieve precise results and removing matted fur is easier.
  • The low-level noise operation helps to keep your cat calm throughout the process.


  • These clippers require regular charging in between uses.


The Sminiker Rechargeable Cat and Dog Clippers make grooming your pet easier. Courtesy of the heavy-duty design they work to achieve a powerful cut with precise results. Equipped with four different guards combes this device is effective in cutting your cat's fur to an even length. 

Thanks to the ceramic and titanium blades you can remove the matted areas from your cat's fur without the fear of cutting or harming them in the process. 

Impressively, these clippers take around 2 to 3 hours to charge and can be used for around 6-8 hours, making them ideal for long grooming sessions. When in use, these clippers produce around 50dB of noise; ideal for cats who typically fear being groomed due to loud functioning clippers. 

Alongside the clipper and guards, you will also receive a comb and scissors for more precise styling and a carry case for convenient storage in between uses. 


  • Backed with a 2-year warranty, there is help available should you experience any issues with these clippers. 
  • These clippers are effective in tackling thick areas of matted fur with ease.
  • The quiet operation is going to help your cat feel at ease throughout the process of grooming.
  • Retailing within an affordable price range, these clippers are a great option for cat owners on a budget. 
  • The choice of combs allows you to achieve the desired results depending on the length of your cat's fur.


  • These clippers are prone to clogging easily which is likely to result in the need for regular cleaning when the clippers are in use.


As a multipurpose device, the WAHL Professional Animal Bravura clippers are suitable for cats, dogs, and horses. The 5 in 1 blade design enables you to achieve optimal results when using the clippers to tackle matted fur. Additionally, the different blades allow you to tackle a variety of fur lengths with ease. 

Designed with a lithium-ion battery which takes only 60 minutes to charge, these clippers have a 90 minute run time, ideal for smaller grooming tasks. However, they can also be plugged into a cord to charge for continuous use.

Weighing only 8.8 ounces, these clippers are lightweight for convenient clipping with a reduced risk of developing hand fatigue in the process. When in use, these clippers produce a low level of noise, making them ideal for use on cats that are typically afraid of being groomed. 


  • Courtesy of the ergonomic design you are provided with both comfort and control when using these clippers. 
  • With a range of colors available, you can select the option that caters to your taste.
  • Backed with a one-year limited professional warranty, there is help available if you should be dissatisfied with your purchase.
  • The LED indicator indicates the battery life, informing you when it is getting low on charge. 
  • You receive 6 guide combs, a cleaning brush, a charging stand, and a carry case, essentially everything needed for an efficient user experience.


  • Retailing within a higher price range, they may not be a suitable option for cat owners on a budget.


These heavy-duty animal grooming clippers by Oster are ideal for combating your felines matted fur. With a wide blade design, these clippers work to deliver more strokes a minute for fast use and great results.

Equipped with a powerful motor and 2-speed settings, you can select the appropriate speed depending on the length of your cat’s fur and the extremity of the matting. Impressively, the detachable blade system allows you to change the blades with ease. 

The 10-foot power cord provides greater flexibility allowing you to move easily with the clippers for a hassle-free experience. Designed with cryogenic technology, not only are the blades durable but they perform very well too, even against matted fur. 


  • The multiple speed options provide greater versatility, allowing you to alter the speed depending on your cat's fur type and the part of their body that you are clipping. 
  • Courtesy of the ribbed body design, you can hold these clippers comfortably throughout the grooming process. 
  • Their heavy-duty construction makes them resistant against damage and regular use.
  • Thanks to the long cord, you can move freely when using these clippers. 
  • These clippers work with ease to achieve precise results


  • Unfortunately, these clippers are a little noisy which some may find off-putting.


The Ceenwes all in one clipping tool provides you with the resources required to remove matted cat fur. As a cordless device, it is flexible in allowing you to groom your cat without being restricted to a power source. However, if you would prefer, it is also suitable for use with a cord.

When in use, these clippers produce a minimal 60dB of sound, helping your cat to feel calmer during the process of grooming. They are also lightweight which makes them easier to hold for prolonged periods while reducing the build-up of hand fatigue.

With titanium constructed angled blades, these are durable clippers that achieve sharp and precise results without harming your cat in the process. Impressively, these clippers have also been designed with a knob that allows you to achieve different lengths depending on the part of the body that you are shaving. 


  • The indicator lights inform you when the clippers require charging.
  • Covered with a 2-year warranty, there is help available if you experience any issues with the clippers.
  • Available in different colors, you can select the clippers that suit your preference. 
  • Producing a low amount of noise, they are ideal for cats that are usually wary of clippers.
  • The kit includes all of the additional accessories that are required to clip your cat's fur with ease.


  • These clippers are prone to running out of battery quickly and require 4-5 hours of charging time.

Best Clippers for Cats with Mats Buying Guide

Before investing in clippers for your cat, there are many factors that you will need to consider to ensure that you select the correct clippers for rectifying the issue of matted fur. We have compiled a buyer’s guide listing our top tips for choosing the best product and the features to look out for. 

The Type of Clippers

There are two types of clippers available, a corded clipper and a cordless clipper. A corded clipper is the best choice if your cat has severely matted fur that is going to take longer to trim. As they are plugged into a power source, you can use the clippers for the duration of time that you require. 

On the other hand, a cordless clipper provides unmatched versatility. As they are not dependent on a power cord, they are ideal for taking with you on the go.

Speed Settings

Most cat clippers are designed with two-speed settings which allows you to accommodate the functioning of the clippers to suit your cat's fur type. Typically, the faster speed setting works better with thick dense fur, while the slower speed setting is better suited to hair that is less dense. 

The Heat of the blades

A common concern with clippers is the heat that they produce as this poses the risk of your cat's skin getting burnt during the grooming process. The majority of clippers will reach a particular heat, however, this develops into an issue if they become excessively hot. The use of a coolant spray can help to eliminate this issue, simply spray the product onto the blades and it will work to cool the blades and reduce the heat.

The Noise

For cats that are nervous when it comes to grooming, noisy clippers, or ones that are prone to making a buzzing sound can often be a little intimidating. Overly noisy clippers are likely to be overwhelming for your cat which can make the process of attempting to remove their matted fur a little tricky. Ideally, you should opt for clippers that operate quietly as they are less likely to frighten your cat. 

The Selection of Blades 

The majority of clippers come with a variety of attachable and detachable blades. The length of your cat's hair will vary at different parts of their body so it is likely that you will need to change the clipper that you are using during the process. For cats with matted fur, you are likely to require the use of different blades to achieve the most effective results.

The Ergonomics 

Not only do the clippers need to be suitable for your cat but they need to be comfortable for you too. Clippers that are ergonomically designed are going to be easier for you to hold which is going to come in handy when holding the clippers for longer periods. A lightweight clipper is preferred as they help to prevent wrist and hand fatigue. 

The Battery Life

A cordless clipper is battery powered, so it is important to consider the battery life of your clipper beforehand. Those with longer battery lives are going to be suitable for longer grooming sessions. It is necessary to consider the time the device takes to charge and how long it can last on a singular charge. A clipper with poor battery life is going to be particularly inconvenient as it is likely to lose power at a faster rate. 

The Restrictive Guards

Plastic restrictive guards are useful for cutting longer cat hair, however, they aren’t suitable for all cat hair types and are likely to struggle with thicker cat hair in particular. For this reason, you may not find them the most effective when attempting to remove matted fur.

The Price

While some cat clippers can retail with hefty price tags, the market offers many affordable options that are ideal for pet owners on a budget. You will find that some clippers come with accessories included which is cost-effective in saving you from having to make these additional purchases yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use human clippers to shave my cat?

It generally isn’t recommended to use human clippers to shave a cat as they have fine fur that can get clogged up in human clippers that are prone to collecting a lot of hair.