Best Cat Trees for Big Cats

Cats love cat trees and they give your kitty an extra place for them to relax and play that is all their own.

Cats might act like they own your house themselves, but giving them their own space will enrich their lives and make them much more content, particularly if you’ve recently adopted them. 

Cat trees come with different spaces that your cat will love to climb in and nest to go to sleep. However, sometimes the doorways to these places can be very small and not suitable for big cats. Larger cats shouldn’t have to miss out on enjoying a cat tree just because of their size, should they? 

Luckily for them, we’ve found the five best cat trees for big cats and listed them below. Moreover, we’ve listed a few considerations that you must take into account before purchasing your cat tree for your big cat. 

In a hurry?

If you cannot wait any longer to get your large kitty a cat tree, don’t worry and we have you covered.

The best model we found was the Nova Microdermabrasion 53 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree.

Here’s why we think that this is the best option for big cats everywhere: 

  • The cat tree can hold up to 55 pounds of cat weight. 
  • The plush material offers excellent comfort for your kitty. 
  • Your cat won’t get bored of all the areas that they can explore! 
  • Extra large hideaways for your cat to sleep.

Top 5 Best Cat Trees for Big Cats


The best cat tree for big cats that we found is from Nova Microdermabrasion and it reaches an impressive 53 inches.

There is not a shortage of things to do with this cat tree, with ladders to climb, sisal scratching posts, and two rooms to explore. 

The manufacturer claims that this cat tree can house up to 55 pounds of weight, which is perfect for either two medium-sized cats or one large one. The solid construction is easy to put together and the balance is perfectly planned to ensure that your cat can safely jump right off of the top of the cat tree. 

The plush covering allows your cat to relax in their new home without any hassle and it won’t take them long to fall in love with this model. Nova Microdermabrasion offers all of the measurements of the cat tree so that you can compare them to your cat.

However, we don’t think it will be too small for any sized cat. 


  • Plenty of places for your cat to play and explore.
  • The sturdy base holds up to 55 pounds in weight without becoming unbalanced.
  • The plush covering is very comfortable for your cat. 


  • The color might be slightly different than the images.


AmazonBasics offers eight different variations of their X-Large cat tree, boasting interesting features such as step ladders, tunnels, and hammocks.

The one we’re most interested in is the step ladder option, as this cat tree looks to be the ideal size for just one large cat. There is one perch, one open bed, and one hideaway. 

There are two swinging toys that will keep your cat entertained for hours and there are also five jute fiber cat scratching posts. What’s more is that the two rungs on the ladder are also wrapped in jute fiber for easy usage. 

AmazonBasics ensures that the quality of the cat tree is long-lasting and durable, and the base is stable enough to keep the cat tree upright no matter what your kitty puts it through.

There are also five color options to choose from and you can even replace the toys so you’ll never have to buy another cat tree again! 


  • Eight different options of style for you to choose from.
  • Jute fiber scratching posts.
  • Durable and stable cat tree. 


  • There are no detailed measurements for you to use against your cat.


From our research, FEANDREA was a manufacturer that kept reappearing to us, and it’s not difficult to see why!

This cat tree is an impressive 67 inches tall, which is great for big cats that like to climb and explore. There are three bed perches at the top of the model and two large hideaways capable of fitting large and small cats alike.

The 21-inch sisal ramp leads up to the first 24-inch platform, which is an ideal length to ensure that your cat can stretch out their entire body if they chose to. We’ve all seen our cats climb up our furniture, but imagine them actually climbing something they were supposed to!

The bottom base is made from CARB-certified natural particle boards and reinforced with sturdy battens to ensure that the cat tree is protected from falling over. This means that your cat will be able to climb all the way to the top safely and without hassle. 


  • The tallest cat tree on our list.
  • Plenty of beds for your cat to rest and recharge.
  • Reinforced stable bottom base. 


  • The plush fabric might shed a little.


The YAHEETECH cat tree is incredibly tall at 62 inches and offers eight different levels for your cat to climb to and explore.

There are 11 sisal cat scratching posts and two scratching platforms so that your cat will never get bored with this model. There is also one platform bed, one closed hideaway, and one tunnel for your cat to rest in.

The anti-toppling fittings ensure that the cat tree is stable enough to withstand the weight of a large cat. The bottom platform is also strengthened with battens to ensure that the weight either matches or is heavier than your cat.

This durable cat tree is sure to keep your cat entertained for a long time, so this model pays for itself! It’s also very easy to put together and comes with all of the hardware and tools you’ll need to erect it within minutes. The instructions are also illustrated for your benefit. 


  • Large cat tree for big cats.
  • 13 cat scratchers to last you an incredible amount of time.
  • Very easy to set up. 


  • Sisal rope is not as durable as sisal material.


Finally, the Hey-Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree offers you the option of attaching it to the wall so that your cat doesn’t come into any danger while you’re not looking.

We think that this is a great feature to stop you worrying about leaving your cat alone. This cat tree has one bed, two hammocks, and one extra large hideaway. 

There are plenty of sisal ropes for your cat to enjoy scratching, and there are also two dangling toys that offer your kitty some fun as well as relaxation. There is also a cat bowl so that your cat doesn’t need to travel very far to get to their food. You might never see them again once you surprise them with this cat tree! 

The detailed instructions will allow you to put the cat tree together in record timing. It is easy to clean as well, and the CARB-certified particle boards making up the base are very sturdy. They’re also secured with battens to ensure that your cat can enjoy their cat tree to the fullest. 


  • Four places for your cat to sleep including an extra large hideaway.
  • Plenty of fun and exercise to be had with this model!
  • CARB-certified stable base. 


  • One person received the wrong instructions.

Best Cat Trees for Big Cats Buying Guide

Let take a look into what you should bear in mind when choosing the ideal cat tree for your big cat.

By keeping these factors in mind when comparing different models you’ll be able to opt for the best option for your feline friend. 


Cats love cat trees so much because they allow them to reach heights that they traditionally wouldn’t be able to get to. This gives them a superiority complex and gives them the impression that they reign over you - which may or may not be true. 

The height of your cat tree will depend on how much space you have to use. If you don’t have much you might go for a shorter cat tree, but we would always advise you to opt for the tallest cat tree you can. 

Cats, especially large cats, will love to climb as high as possible. If your cat can get to the top in two seconds, they’ll likely tire of the tree quickly and not use it as much. Bear this in mind when comparing heights. 


Cats also love to sleep in hideaways that have walls and a roof. This keeps them protected as they’re sleeping, allowing them to have a more content sleep. Big cats will obviously need larger hideaways so that they remain comfortable enough to go for a quick snooze. 

The best way to ensure that the hideaways are large enough for your cat is to measure a current bed that they’re using and match this with the hideaway. This will ensure that the hideaways are big enough for your large cat. 

You can also use this method with the platforms as well. Most manufacturers will offer size guides for how large every piece of the cat tree is so you can accurately measure up your cat to the model. 


High-quality cat trees often also come equipped with plenty of toys for them to play with.

If you want your kitty to make the most of their cat tree, make sure that it has toys such as feathered wands and scratching posts. 

These will also allow your cat to stretch their entire body out on the cat tree, which can be quite difficult for big cats to do. 


Chances are that your big cat is going to weigh smaller than a small cat, so the cat tree you choose needs to be stable enough so that it doesn’t wobble or fall once your cat gets to the top platform. If this were to happen, your cat might get spooked and never go near the cat tree again. 

To avoid this, make sure that the bottom is stable and heavy enough to take the weight of your cat. Check the customer reviews to ensure that no one else has had an issue with their big cats tipping the tree over. 


Of course, you’re going to want your cat tree to be of the highest quality that your budget allows so that you don’t need to replace it anytime soon.

This means a high-quality fabric covering, sturdy toys that don’t rip as soon as they come into contact with your cat’s claws, and a reliable scratching post. 

Sisal material is the best option for the scratching post rather than sisal rope because the latter is much less durable and will lose your cat’s attention much quicker than sisal material. This may raise the price slightly, but it is worth it for a better experience for your cat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size cat tree should I get?

You should get a cat tree with ample room for your cat to explore and relax on.

Cats like their trees for observing the world around them from a height so that they can remain under the radar. If your cat is going to be spending multiple hours on their cat tree, you want it to be as comfortable as possible for them. 

We’d advise you to take a few measurements of your cat and their favorite bed that they use frequently. If this is good enough for them now, chances are that a similar sized bed on a cat tree will be well received as well. 

When it comes to the hideaways we would recommend you to choose ones that are a little larger than the open bed that your cat uses. This is so they have plenty of space and aren't cramped into a room too small for them.

Taller heights are better for bigger cats, so we’d always recommend opting for a high cat tree.