Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails

Everyone knows that a cat needs a scratcher to take its frustrations out on, but it isn’t until you actually get a cat that you realize the true importance of a cat scratcher.

Cat’s love to claw everything. Seriously - the couch, the carpet, even paint off of the walls. 

Cats also love to play with hands. Too many cat owners make the mistake of allowing their cute little kitten to nibble and paw away at their hands. Don’t be embarrassed, we’re guilty too! What was once so adorable becomes incredibly frightening when the cat doubles its size and grows the sharpest claws known to man. 

Once a cat has learned that it’s okay to claw and scratch on your skin and furniture, it’s almost an impossible task to teach them no. Cats aren’t like dogs and they will absolutely disregard anything you say after the first two months of their lives. 

You can forget about cutting their nails, either.

So, you’ve found your way onto our article because your cat is insane and you desperately need to file its nails down. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with the five best cat scratching posts to file nails.

In a hurry?

We know that you’re desperate for a solution to your little terror ruining all of your furniture, so we’ve come to the rescue if you’re in a hurry. The SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post is the best option on the market to help file your cat’s nails. 

Here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love this cat scratching post: 

  • Woven sisal is sure to file your cat’s nails and keep them entertained. 
  • The impressive height caters to cats of all sizes. 
  • The base is wide enough to keep the scratching post stable during use.

Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails


Starting off our list is the 32-inch Ultimate Scratching Post that is more than tall enough for even the largest of cats to stretch completely.

The square base is heavy enough to not be tipped over, and it proportions the weight well enough to prevent the scratcher from wobbling. 

The woven sisal is ideal for sharp claws to sink into, but the impressive durability ensures that you won’t have to replace the scratching post anytime soon. Putting the scratching post together could not be easier - simply attach the base with two included screws. 

Choose between beige and grey color options. Unlike the majority of the scratching posts that we’ve seen on the market, SmartCat offers its model in two colors. This is good for people looking to choose a post of similar coloring to their furniture. 


  • Great height. 
  • Woven sisal is the ideal choice for scratching posts. 
  • Sturdy and durable base.


  • Higher price point. 


Why choose a plain scratching post when you can get a 2-in-1 accessory? This scratcher doubles as a lounger so that your cat can perch and sleep as well as play. The scratching post is made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic starch glue. 

While cardboard is less durable than sisal, some cats do prefer the feeling of cardboard on their paws. Moreover, cats love to sleep on cardboard. The scratcher is also infested with catnip, enticing your feline to use their new toy. 

The curved shape offers a new experience for your cat, which is ideal if your pet hasn’t shown interest in upright posts before. Moreover, if you have more than one cat they can play with each other thanks to the fun shape. Choose between three neutral colors. 


  • 2-in-1 lounger and scratching post. 
  • The cardboard structure is desired by many cats. 
  • Cats can play all around this scratching post. 


  • Doesn’t allow as much stretching out as other scratching posts.


The Kitty City Scratching Post is similar to the model from SmartCat, and it reaches up to 32 inches, perfect for any sized cat. The base is wide and sturdy at just under 18 x 18 inches, so you don’t have to worry about the post falling over or wobbling during use. 

There is a ball at the top of the post that includes a jingling bell, adding a layer of fun for your cat. This will entice them to file their nails more often as they’re playing with the ball. Assemble within minutes thanks to the super simple three-screw design. 

Your cat scratches at woven sisal, durable fabric that your cat is sure to love the feeling of. The cover of the post is also covered with fleece in case your cat likes to climb and perch. Kitty City also offers a scratching mat and a scratching cave tunnel. 


  • Great height for any cat.
  • Toy ball attached for additional fun. 
  • Durable woven sisal.


  • The ball is attached too high for some smaller kittens. 


The Angle Cat Scratcher takes a new approach to scratch posts, with the sisal fabric being placed in an inclining position. The positioning is ideal for older cats who don’t enjoy standing upright on their hind legs. 

Along with the sisal, your cat will find catnip in this scratching post. This will give them an incentive to use the post rather than scratching something else up. The sisal is placed over a stable wooden structure that will confidently take your cat’s weight. 

This scratching post will still allow your cat to stretch out and file their nails, but it will take out some pressure that is usually put on their back legs. If your cat has weaker legs, this feature might entice them to use the scratching post more than traditional structures. 


  • A fresh approach to scratching posts. 
  • Natural sisal fabric is the ideal material for scratching posts. 
  • Catnip entices cats.


  • You might need to secure it onto the floor with something to avoid it tipping over.


Finally, the 4CLAWS scratching post is designed to be mounted on the wall so that you don’t have to worry about the stability. Your cat can scratch to its heart’s content without pulling the post over and scaring themselves.

The natural sisal is a great material for the scratching post to be made from, as it’s durable and rough enough to satisfy all of your cat’s scratching needs. Sisal is also an environmentally friendly material, which is always a plus. 

The mount is made from aluminum with an anodized finish and looks neat in any house. You’ll also receive wall anchors and mounting screws to ensure that you have everything you need to set it up. Mount it to the ideal height depending on the size of your kitty. 


  • Comes with everything you need to mount it. 
  • Sisal is environmentally friendly.   
  • Mounting eliminates the issue of sturdiness. 


  • Sisal rope is not as effective as fabric. 

Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails Buying Guide

Now that we’ve given you some examples of the best cat scratching posts for filing nails, let’s look into the different factors that will ensure that you get the best scratching post for your kitty.

You can get the highest rated post, sure, but if your cat doesn’t use it then you’ll be left with nothing more than a waste of space and money. 


The size of the scratching post needs to be big enough for the cat to use. Cats like to stretch out on their post, so it needs to be tall enough for them to extend to their longest. Cats are also incredibly particular creatures, meaning that they might require the perfect scratching post to use it. 

If the post is too small, they might steer well away and cause you to waste your money. The size should depend on the size of your cat - larger cats will need a larger scratching post, and smaller cats will need a smaller scratching post. 

Bear in mind that if you have a kitten, you’ll most likely need to size up to what they will need when they’re an adult. If you opt for a kitten-sized scratching post, you’ll quickly find that you’ll need to size up again. 

Likelihood of Use

Cats are funny creatures that tend to ignore anything that their owners do for them out of love. You can buy a cat a hundred beds and they’ll still sleep on the floor or in an old cardboard box, so it’s not certain that your cat will even use their scratching post. 

However, you can help influence your cat to use the scratching post by purchasing one that looks similar to their favorite scratching area, or you can get one laced in catnip. Sure, drugging an animal isn’t necessarily encouraged, but desperate times - right? 


Like we said earlier, cats are very temperamental. If they don’t like something, they won’t shy away from letting you know. So, if you choose a scratching post that is too flimsy and they can pull it over easily, they’re not going to use it in fear that it might fall on them. 

To avoid this, make sure that you choose a scratching post with a stable base that is heavy enough to remain on the ground. Alternatively, you could go for a post that attaches to a wall, or one that is wider rather than taller. 

Ease of Use

Cat scratching posts need to be easily accessible for your cat so that they don’t become deterred from the structure. The standard post shape doesn’t work for every cat, but also over complicated posts are too much fuss to deal with. 

Cat’s don’t necessarily like to have to work for a scratch when they can simply stroll over to your couch and wreck it without thinking. So, make sure that the scratching post is easy to use and that it’s obvious for your cat to know how to use it. 

Similarly, you should opt for a cat scratching post that is easy for you to set up. The last thing you want is to have to waste a whole day trying to put the post together. Also, be mindful of poor quality hardware, as this could make your job much harder. 


Cats don’t care about having filed nails. Instead, they enjoy the feeling of the material on their paws and the pull of the nails. For this reason, the material of the scratching post needs to be up to your cat’s standards.

Unfortunately, cats cannot tell you what their favorite material is, so you’re going to have to hope for the best. 

The texture needs to be rough and the sound it makes needs to be impressive. Many cat scratchers are made to look nice in a living room, but these won’t do for a cat. Instead, the scratcher needs to be tough and durable enough to put up a good fight against your feline. 

Sisal fabric, rope, and cardboard are among the best materials for scratching posts when you’re trying to file your cat’s nails. These are all highly popular among the majority of cats, giving you the best opportunity of not wasting your money. 


Following on from the previous point, you’ll want the cat scratching post to be as durable as possible. This is so the post remains intact for a longer period of time, preventing the cat from getting bored of it once it realizes that it’s beaten the material. 

Moreover, a scratching post with pieces of a rope flying out everywhere can be somewhat of an eyesore. Make sure that the scratching post is as durable as possible to avoid your cat getting bored and therefore stop using it, as well as to keep it looking presentable in your home.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a scratching post do for cats?

Cats tend to get more attached to places rather than humans. If a cat considers a house theirs, they will want to mark their territory to deter other cats from coming in. Luckily for cat owners, cats produce a scent from their claws rather than their urine. Cats will scratch to put their scent all over the house. 

A cat scratching post gives your feline a safe place to do this without ruining your belongings. Scratching posts can also help to remove dirt and the outer layer of the claws, making cats feel better groomed. Don’t worry if you find little claws all over your house, it’s just the outer layer shedding. 

Cats can also use their scratching post to relieve stress or too much excitement. Finally, a scratching cat can use their post to stretch out their entire body which makes them feel healthy and happy.