Best Cat Food For Kittens With Diarrhea

None of us want to see our kittens getting sick, these harmless little creatures newly coming into the world should not have to contend with illness and ailments of the stomach or other digestive organs.

But the simple fact is because these things are so small and delicate is precisely why they are more vulnerable.

If our kittens do get sick, especially with diarrhea, then it is important to feed them foods that will not further upset their stomach.

Irregular defecation can lead to a whole host of problems at this formative age such as dehydration, stunted growth and chronic pain. Diarrhea can seem like a minor issue, but it can develop into something worse.

If your kitten is suffering from acute diarrhea, then that means it will only last for a few days and should clear up quickly and have no longlasting aftereffects.

However, if your kitten is experiencing chronic diarrhea that lasts for weeks, then it could be a sign of a much more serious illness that needs treating quickly.

Switching your kitten’s cat food might be a quick and effective way of alleviating the pain that its in and improving the overall quality of your kitty’s health and mood.

But what are the best cat foods to feed your sickly kitty? What ingredients and features will give your kitten the best chance of recovery? How much can you be looking to spend on cat food in terms of price?

Well, cat-lovers need not worry about their kittens, with our list of some of the best cat foods for kittens with diarrhea.

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you understand what to look for when it comes to buying the perfect digestive snack, along with some frequently asked questions.  It’s also important to remember that you should consult with your vet to ensure that you’re getting the best food for your cat.

So what are you waiting for? Read our list of some of the most healthy and scrumptious dishes for kittens and alleviate their chronic pain as soon as possible.

Top 4 Best Cat Food for Kittens with Diarrhea


Our first cat food for kittens is one that comes very high in essential proteins that will not put too much strain on an already overworked digestive system.

This cat food makes the top of our list simply because it’s very quick and effective. You should notice stools becoming much firmer and more consistent within just a few days with Royal Canin Digest Sensitive.

This is great cat food for kittens that are slightly underweight and need to put on a few pounds to stay healthy. Cats that suffer from gastrointestinal issues do have trouble putting on weight, so this will help them retain a lot of the nutrients they need.

This cat food has a high energy count, even in small portions. This means that all your cat will need is a tiny bit of food for its daily energy requirement, which will again put less pressure on its digestive tract.


  • Kittens with sensitive stomachs will not have to worry about excess bloating or the pain that comes with it, as this cat food comes with plenty of probiotics that settle the gut and counteract any bacterial infections that might be causing the cat’s sickness.
  • This food is highly palatable, coming in a tasty flavor that will appeal to even the faddy felines. The wet texture of the food will also be super easy for your cat to digest.
  • The calorie content on this diet will be a real boon for those cats who are looking to reach a healthy level of weight as instructed by a veterinarian.


  • The one downside to this meal is that it has a high-fat content, which means that it will particularly disagree with animals that have conditions such as pancreatitis that makes it difficult to break down the additional fat.


Our next cat food is one that is specially adapted to the sensitive stomach of a cat, as well as helping to improve its skin health and psoriasis. This comes in a delicious chicken flavor which is very much enjoyed by both cats and kittens alike - introducing the Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food.

The recommended dietary intake for this dry cat food is through smaller portions throughout the day, rather than the more sizable three meals a day. This will enable your cat to digest the food better, as dry foods are notoriously harder to consume than wet foods.

This dry food is packed full of antioxidants that will help to bolster your kitten’s immune system, with a high fiber content that will aid the digestive processes. The fiber and probiotic compound will help to firm up the cat’s stool and make it a lot more comfortable to pass during excretion.


  • The nutrient content in this cat food is extremely high, aiding the super-fast recovery of your kitten. It also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that will improve the luster of your kitten’s coat.
  • The antioxidants contained in this cat food will help reduce any digestive inflammation that might be causing your kitten pain.
  • Using a very specialized recipe, this dry food has been designed specifically for cats experiencing digestive pain, so it shouldn’t be too taxing on the abdomen. You might want to mix this one with water before administering it to your feline friend.
  • This mix also stops urinary stones from forming.


  • Because it is a portion of dry cat food, it might absorb additional water from your cat. To avoid this, mix the food with water to make it a bit easier to digest.


Next up we have a cat food that will particularly appeal to cats that are fussy eaters, coming in a jelly-like substance that will be better for kittens to eat, as well as being easy on the stomach.

These come in smaller pots too, relieving you of the stress of measuring out the exact amount of food - introducing Applaws Cat Chicken Selection Pots.

This is a great choice for kitten owners with a busy schedule, simply scoop the contents of one pot into your kitten’s food bowl.

This meal is brimming full of natural and healthy ingredients, perfect if you don’t have time to cook and shred chicken and pork every day.

There are no potentially harmful additives in this food, with 60% pure chicken in the recipe. It also contains chicken broth and rice. If you want your kitten to have as close to a ‘wild’ diet as possible, then you can’t go wrong with these bite-size pots.


  • These pots are manufactured with a whole host of natural ingredients, which is ideal if your kitten is experiencing any severe allergies to ingredients such as barley and wheat.
  • The jelly-based 60% chicken base is great if you want to give your kitten a balanced and neutral meal that will also be easy to digest and appeal to your pet’s natural palette - cats simply love chicken!
  • The chicken in this food boosts its protein count, meaning that your cat’s muscle retention will increase and give its organs and digestive tract the best chance at recovery.


  • This cat food should be used as a complement to your kitten’s diet, rather than a substitute for it. This might not appeal to owners who prefer an all-in-one solution to their kitten’s dietary issues.


Our final cat food for kittens is one made by a company that is renowned for manufacturing top quality cat food and comes in many lists of top ten feline dietary requirements.

This is a wet cat food that is easy to digest, is free of grain additives that will cause significant gut inflammation, and contains only natural whole ingredients that will bolster your cat’s immune system - introducing Blue Buffalo Wet Cat Food.

If your kitten has been found to have allergies to grains, soy or dairy, then you’ll want to give this Blue Buffalo a chance, as it is free from all these ingredients.

Some of the natural ingredients include peas, carrots and cranberries. It also has plenty of that cat-friendly omega-3 and omega-6 oils that will give your cat a much-improved skin and coat.

You can get plenty of flavors of this cat food, such as duck and fish, both of which feature as part of your feline’s staple diet.

They come in easy-to-open ring pull cans that only contain 80 calories per portion, which is handy if you want to keep your kitten’s weight down.


  • Grooming a cat can always be the trickiest part of the process, so why not help maintain good quality for your cat’s skin and coat by grooming them from the inside out rather than the other way around?
  • With plenty of healthy ingredients, you can be sure that this cat food will go easy on your kitty’s digestive system, as it closely mimics the diet that your cat would have in the wild.
  • The wide range of flavors such as chicken, duck and fish, you can mix and match according to your kitten’s preference. Whatever the flavor, the softer texture will make this easy to consume and digest. You’ll soon notice the consistency of your kitten’s stools becoming more solid.


  • This cat food is primarily marketed at adult cats, but you can get a kitten-friendly version that is more or less the same in terms of healthy natural ingredients.

Best Cat Food For Kittens With Diarrhea
 Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the perfect food for kittens with diarrhea, you can’t afford to be stingy, as the health of such a delicate creature is very precarious.

Always consult with a professional veterinarian before switching your cat food, as there might be a more serious underlying reason for your kitten’s diarrhea.

If it has been determined that your kitten does need a change in diet, these are the things you should be looking for to give it the best chance of recovery.

How Edible Is The Cat Food?

Having food that is palatable to your kitten is half the battle. Some cats can be notoriously picky, especially if they are suffering from sickness and can’t hold down their food.

Having cat food made of natural ingredients is one way of encouraging them to eat it. A soft texture and moisture might also increase the chances of your kitten being able to eat it.

Does It Contain Probiotics?

These healthy bacteria are essential to restoring the harmony in your kitten’s stomach, which is especially important if they are suffering from a bacterial infection. Good gut bacteria will also help you to reduce inflammation in this area.

Increasing the levels of probiotic material in your cat’s stomach will likely reduce the length of the diarrhea.

How Much Moisture Is In Cat Food?

Moisture in cat food is very important to a kitten who is suffering diarrhea, as they will lose a lot of moisture through excretion that will lead them to become very dehydrated.

Try and avoid dry cat food, as this will absorb the necessary excess moisture that your cat needs to stay healthy and absorb nutrients through the digestive system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should My Cat Food Contain Additives?

This all depends on whether your kitten is allergic to certain foods such as grain, beef meal, soy or dairy products. Generally, these ingredients are used to increase the weight of cheaper cat foods and aren’t that beneficial for your cat’s overall health.

Consult with your veterinarian to determine whether your kitten does have any allergies.

There is a chance that your kitten will also have intolerances, which are harder to spot. Try reducing the ingredients in your kitten’s cat food to one single ingredient such as chicken. Then building up your kitten’s diet, you can gradually figure out which ingredient is affecting them adversely.