Best Canned Cat Food For Older Cats

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life; cats and music - Albert Schweitzer

People don’t choose their cats, cats choose their people. It might be an old wives’ tale, but it’s one that’s saturated in the undeniable truth that, as much as we adore them, cats are incredibly picky when it comes to selecting the humans that they want to live with.  

But once they’ve made their minds up, cats very rarely, if ever, change their minds. As far as cats are concerned, humans are for life, not just for Christmas.

And the life that they choose to share with us is one that is always filled with mutual affection, trust, the occasional mouse and other spoils of their nocturnal hunts and more joy and happiness than we can possibly measure.

Just like their trusted human companions, cats aren’t immune to the passage of time and as they get older, they, as we all do, become more prone to the effects of old age.

Which means that it’s up to use to look after our pets as best we can when they become senior citizens, and one of the most effective ways we can do this is by feeding them a diet that’s designed to keep them fit, healthy and young at heart.  

That’s why we’ve found five of the best canned cat foods for older cats because we want to ensure that our aging feline friends remain active and alert despite the ravages of time.

And, as you’re here, we’re pretty sure that you’re also looking to keep your cat happy as she gets older, and in our experience, the way to make sure any cat is content is by ensuring that they’re well-fed with the right food. And what is the right food?

We’re glad you asked and we’re also more than happy to tell you all about it.

Top 5 Best Canned Cat Food for Older Cats


Older cats need protein and calorie-rich food that’s easy to digest and soft enough for their aging teeth to cope with.

Feline Natural specializes in making cat food that’s free from grains and the sort of packing agents that are often used to pad tinned pet food out and transform less into more.

Inspired by nature and guided by science, Feline Natural’s range of cat food is high in meat, low in carbohydrates, and completely free from any, and all, grains.

The meat they use all comes from grass-fed animals, free-range chickens, and freshly caught fish so that Feline Natural can trace every ingredient they use back to its source and can absolutely guarantee that everything they say about their food is true.

And their food is packed with all of the oils and natural ingredients that your cat needs to keep their joints supple and the energy they need to keep living their life on their own terms. 

One of the things that’s most impressive about Feline Natural is the way they rigidly stick to their guiding principles, which is made evident in the bulking materials they use in their cat food. And that bulking material?

It’s made from fresh New Zealand green mussels, which are a source of omega-rich oil, so even the stuff that isn’t supposed to be good for cats is actually beneficial for them in Feline Natural’s food.


  • All of the proteins, oils, and fats that a senior cat needs are packed into every single can of Feline Natural. It’s all meat, it’s all fresh and it’s all-natural
  • And it tastes good too. Well, according to cats it does, as Feline Natural has done their utmost to make sure that their food is pleasing to the palate of the pickiest of picky eaters. So even if your cat is a little fussy when it comes to food, they’ll dive straight into Feline Natural’s finest.


  • Feline Natural isn’t exactly cheap, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll refuse to put a price on your cat’s happiness. It might cost a little more, but it’s worth it.


Royal Canin knows that every cat is unique, and they’ve spent years formulating the most nutritional food they can to help your cat thrive.

Their senior cat food is specifically formulated and designed to keep cats aged twelve and over, healthy, active, and happy. Their soft loaf in a rich, protein-heavy sauce is easy for your cat to digest and so tasty that it’ll make even the pickiest eater hungry for seconds.

And, if they think they can get away with it, they’ll want thirds too. 

Rich in omega-three fatty acids to keep your cat’s joints supple and healthy and ensure they remain active, Royal Canin’s Aging also balances proteins, carbohydrates, and other fats to make sure that no cat will turn their nose up and walk away from their bowl without licking it clean.

And best of all? By strictly controlling the phosphorus levels in their senior cat food, Royal Canin makes sure that their food also promotes kidney health, so your cat will be as happy on the inside as she is on her outside if she’s fed on a diet of Royal Canin.


  • Royal Canin’s Aging is scientifically formulated to keep your older cat active, healthy, and happy and contains the right balance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to ensure that they enjoy every single moment of their senior years.
  • Royal Canin spent years perfecting the recipe, so no cat in the world will turn away from a bowl full of Aging. Yes, we know how fussy cats can be, trust us our cats are just about the pickiest eaters we’ve ever seen, and they tucked straight into their tins of Royal Canin. And when they finished? They demanded more. It really is that good. 


  • It’s exactly the same story as Feline Natural, Royal Canin is expensive. You’ll almost certainly feel the dent that feeding your senior cat on a diet of Royal Canin will leave in your pocketbook, but it’s a price worth paying. 


Wholehearted pride themselves on the fact that their All Life Stages cat food is free from corn, soy, and wheat and has no by-products or artificial flavors.

And they should, as it’s made up of flaked chicken pieces in a protein-rich gravy so it’s not just good for your senior cat, but it’ll also leave them beginning for more when their bowl is empty. 

Because they keep the packing against to a minimum and focus instead of using offcuts of chicken, WholeHearted’s All Life Stages food is ideal for senior cats as it’s packed full of the Omega-Three oils that they need to keep their joints healthy and supple and all of the proteins they need to make sure they stay active and young at heart.


  • When WholeHearted says that their food is rich in Omega-Three, they really mean it. They even add tuna oil to boost the levels that your older cat needs in order to make the most out of life.
  • Here’s the best news - a WholeHearted diet will cost a fraction of the price that a Royal Canin or Feline Natural diet will. It’s an easily affordable way to keep your senior cat happy, healthy, and full of energy.


  • Before you go bulk buying enough WholeHearted to last you all year, you might want to let your cat try a tin or two first, as it doesn’t tickle the taste buds of every feline. It doesn’t contain the same, secret magic ingredients that the other brands do, so follow the golden rule of cat food to the letter. Let them try, before you (bulk) buy. You don’t want to end up getting stuck with a cupboard full of cat tins that your feline friend refuses to eat, do you?


You know those people who accuse you of treating your cat better than you treat them?

Well, if you feed your aging best friend with Weruva Truluxe, you’ll be proving them right, but as your cat deserves the best, who cares what they think?

Weruva Truluxe is minimally processed and is completely free from grain, gluten, MSG’s and, as Weruva so succinctly put it, all of the other bad stuff. There’s no corn, no soy, no wheat, no preservatives, or artificial colors, as Truluxe is just full of all the meats and oils that your older cat loves.

One of the best things about Truluxe?

Weruva makes it in what they call ‘human factories’, so their cat food is held to the same stringent measures and controls that yours is, and as a consequence of that, it’s full of the vitamins, fats, acids, and proteins that your senior cat needs to live their life to the absolute fullest.


  • It literally has everything that your senior cat needs to be as bouncy and full of energy as they were when they were a kitten. All of the oils, vitamins, proteins, and more that older cats need is packed into every single tin of Weruva Truluxe.
  • And, if the reviews are to be believed (which they should be, as our cats couldn’t get enough of it), then you won’t have to worry about your cat being a little picky. Just open a tin, put it in their bowl, stand well back and don’t get in their way, because if you do, they might eat you to get to the Truluxe. 


  • While it isn’t quite as expensive as either Royal Canin or Feline Natural, it isn’t as affordable as WholeHearted either. It’s not cheap, but then the best things in life never are, are they?


If you want to keep your senior cat's stomach happy, the best way to do it is to feed them a single animal protein at a time.

Which is why Hound & Gatos only use one animal protein in each of their cat pate’s, which are soft and easy to digest and won’t wreak havoc on your aging cat’s teeth. 

Completely grain, filler, and by-product free and made from ninety-eight percent animal protein, this is one tasty meal that’s guaranteed to convert even the fussiest cat into a true Hound & Gatos believer.

And it also contains all of the fats, acids, proteins, and vitamins that older cats need to keep their joints supple and healthy and their senses sharp and focused. 

A senior cat that’s fed on Hound & Gatos is a happy, energetic cat that wants to live each day to the fullest.


  • Each can of Hound & Gatos is made from a single animal protein, so it’ll be as kind to your cat’s stomach as it is to their joints and muscles.
  • As it’s a pate, it’s soft and easy to digest, so this senior food is also easier on your aging cat’s teeth.
  • And Hound & Gatos has all of the fats, acids, and proteins that your older cat needs to flourish and enjoy life.


  • It’s a little high in phosphorus, so it won’t be as kind to your cat's kidneys as some of the other food on our list is.
  • It isn’t the most expensive senior cat food on our list, but it isn’t the cheapest either. It’s like we said, if you want the best for your best friend, you’re going to have to pay for it. 

Best Canned Cat Food For Older Cats Buying Guide

What Is The Difference Between Cat Food For Older Cats And Normal Cat Food?

As cats get older, just like humans, their dietary needs become different.

A lifetime of leaping, prowling, and hunting takes its toll on their joints and muscles, and they become weaker and more susceptible to injury as a cat gets older. Their teeth also become weaker and, again just like their human companions, as cats age, their energy levels decrease and they become less active.

In order to ensure that senior cats remain as active as they’ve always been and that their joints stay supple and healthy so that they can hunt, play, and do all of the things that they’ve always done, a cat's diet needs to change as they age.

Senior, or older, cat food is richer in Omega-Three oils and the fats, acids, and proteins that help to keep their joints and skeletal structure as robust and healthy as it’s always been.

As well as all of the oils, proteins, and fats that older cats need to flourish, senior cat food also tends to be softer, so that it doesn’t have an impact on, or damage their teeth and is easier to digest. 

Which Canned Cat Food For Older Cats Is Right For My Cat?

While all of the canned food on our list contains everything needed for a senior cat to thrive, one of the biggest issues that you’ll need to consider is your budget.

If you are limited by your budget,  then we’d recommend WholeHearted All Life Stages as it’s an affordable canned food that contains everything your cat will need to keep on enjoying life to its fullest.

If however, your budget isn’t a problem, then your aging cat will thank-you each and every day if you feed them on a diet of Royal Canin’s Aging. It’s a specialty food that’s been purposely designed for older and senior cats, and trust us, your cat will love it. Every cat does.