Best Aquarium Chiller

If you keep aquatic fish, you will be well aware that temperature is one of the most important things to keep your fish safe and well.

Fish are cold-blooded and their body temperature is regulated by the temperature of their surroundings, namely the water they live in. Different fish will require different water temperatures to stay alive.

Some will be more resilient to temperature, while others will be extremely at risk if their water is not kept at the correct temperature. To ensure the water in your aquarium remains at the correct temperature constantly, a chiller can be extremely handy. 

Aquarium chillers will alter and maintain your desired water temperature within the aquarium. There are a variety of chillers available which can make it difficult to know which is the best for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick and easy guide to the best aquarium chiller, packed full of all the information you need to know to buy the right chiller for your fish. 

In a hurry?

If you desperately need a replacement aquarium chiller, you should buy the DaToo Aquarium chiller. We’ve ranked this the best on the market because it’s excellent value for money and operates extremely well with features, including:

  • Maintenance of a consistent and comfortable temperature for your fish to live in. 
  • It provides a strong wind to cool the water without the loud operating noise usually associated with this. 
  • A strong and durable ABS fan for a long run time with low energy consumption throughout. 
  • The ability to easily change wind direction by adjusting the angle of the fan.


Our favorite aquarium chiller on the market is produced by DaToo. We’ve ranked this the best on the market because it is packed full of wonderful features that ensure a long healthy life for your fish.

This great little device works to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature in the aquarium's water which can be altered to fit the specific species of fish that live in it.

It is designed with a strong and durable ABS fan which provides strong wind that cools the water while also producing very little noise.

In fact, this is one of the quietest chillers on the market by more than 10 decibels making it a great choice if you want a quiet chiller. 

The device comes with 2 level wind speed adjustment allowing you to choose which operates the best for you.

You can also easily change wind direction by adjusting the angle of the fan. There is no installation needed with this chiller, it simply latches onto the side of your tank with an aluminum alloy fan clip for long life.

This device is designed with low energy consumption in mind and durable materials to ensure it will last. With all these wonderful features considered, it’s clear why we’ve ranked this as the best aquarium chiller on the market. 


  • Maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature for the fish 
  • Cools water with little noise
  • No installation needed, simply hooks on the side of the tank 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easily alter the angle of the fans


  • No notable drawbacks 


Another option which we love is the Hamilton Technology Aqua Euro Max Chiller. This chiller comes in one size option and works hard to maintain the optimum water temperature within your aquarium.

The fans in this device consistently run to lower the temperature of the water so that it is perfect for your fish.

It is user-friendly with a digital LED temperature display and control panel so that you can easily alter the desired temperature and monitor that this temperature is being delivered. 

You never have to worry about this device stopping as it is designed with anti-freezing systems. These prevent the heat exchanger from freezing and ensure your fish will always be safe.

Additionally, the Aqua Euro Max comes with a memory chip so that in the unfortunate event of a power outage, the thermostat will return your water to the desired temperature as soon as the power has reconnected.

This device is highly efficient if you are concerned about energy as it operates at a very reduced energy level. It is also very easy to clean as the front of the device can be easily removed to clean and maintain.

With all these excellent features in mind, it’s clear that this is one of the best aquarium chillers on the market. 


  • Maintains optimum water temperature 
  • LED display control panel 
  • Anti-freezing systems in place 
  • Restores to previous heat following a power cut
  • The removable front makes it easy to clean


  • No notable drawbacks 


You should also consider the JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium Chiller. This is produced by a lesser-known brand but it has a variety of excellent features which could make it a great choice for you.

The Arctica Titanium Chiller is available in a variety of different sizes which allows you to purchase the one that fits the best with your tank. It also comes with 3 different hose connections allowing you to pick and choose which you use. 

The device is incredibly easy to install and even easier to use. It comes with a digital LED temperature control which can be easily read during the day and at night, which also allows you to adjust your desired temperature as you wish.

Additionally, it has an auto IC temperature control system which ensures the temperature consistently stays at the level you want.

If that wasn’t technical enough, the device also comes with a smart memory chip that will remember your desired temperature and restore the water to your last set temperature in the event of a power outage.

With a highly durable build and corrosion-resistant materials, this device will use less power while still maintaining your desired temperature. So there really is no doubt that this is one of the best chillers on the market. 


  • Smart memory chip restores heat after a power cut
  • Digital LED control screen 
  • No hard plumbing necessary
  • Highly efficient
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Loud operating noise


Don’t forget about the LONDAFISH Aquarium Chiller. Similar to the devices that have come before it, the LONDAFISH aquarium chiller also comes with 2-speed wind control so you can decide which works the best for you.

The device’s fans work to adjust the indoor temperature of the water by reducing it from between 2 and 3 degrees celsius. 

It operates at a safe voltage of 12V and is designed with high-security standards to ensure the safety of the fan is maintained as well as the safety of you and the fish.

The LONDAFISH aquarium chiller is easy to install and comes with adjustable jaws that clamp the cylinder wall of the tank and secure the fan device in place. It is compatible with any thickness of glass up to 1.2cm.

This device operates at a reduced energy amount and can be adjusted to different angles using a bracket which allows you to tilt it to 100 degrees.

With all these wonderful features considered, there’s no question that this is a great choice if you’re looking to buy an aquarium chiller.


  • 2-speed wind control 
  • Adjustable jaws for a strong clamp 
  • 12V for safety 
  • Angle adjustable to 100 degrees
  • Low power consumption


  • Limited lifetime 


Finally, you should check out the Petzilla Aquarium Chiller. This device is once again by a lesser-known company but it’s an excellent option if you’re on the hunt for an aquarium chiller.

This device is available in different sizes which allow you to choose between 1-4 fans depending on the size of your tank.

Similar to the other devices on this list, the Petzilla aquarium chiller also easily installs by latching onto the side of your tank’s wall. 

This device offers extra cooling to offset the increased temperature caused by lights and UV filters within your tank.

It features a 2-speed variable wind speed and allows you to adjust the angle of the wind by up to 90 degrees.

It comes with a strong and sturdy clamp for easy installation and requires absolutely no assembling, simply take the device out of the box and install it in the tank.

Considering how convenient this device is to install, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best on the market.


  • Choose the number of fans 
  • Fits aquarium walls smaller than 0.5-inches 
  • Reduces water temperature by 2-4 degrees celsius 
  • 2 variable wind speed
  • Easy to install


  • Fans require replacing regularly

Best Aquarium Chiller Buying Guide

If you keep aquatic fish, you likely will have heard of an aquarium chiller. These devices work to maintain a consistent temperature within your aquarium which makes it safe for your fish to live in.

There are lots of different types of chillers on the market which can make it difficult to know which to buy, but this guide will make it simple. We’re supplying you with all the information you ended to ensure you buy the aquarium chiller that’s perfect for you and your fish. 

Energy Usage

One important thing you should consider when buying an aquarium cooler is energy. These chillers operate on electricity so energy consumption is something you should consider as it will cost you money to keep the chiller running.

With this in mind, most chillers are designed to operate at a lower energy level so that they can be useful without costing you too much to operate. Different models will be more or less efficient so you should evaluate all of your options before purchasing to ensure you are buying the one that’s best for your situation. 

Operating Noise

You should also consider the operating noise that the chiller makes. This is one of those things that will either matter a lot to you or won’t matter at all.

All chillers will operate a certain amount of energy as the motor operates the fans and the fans operate in the water, but some will be noisier than others. If you are concerned about noise, you should try and find a chiller which operates with a very low buzzing noise.

This can be irritating but it is a lot better than some of the louder sounds chillers can make. Ultimately you should consider all your options and buy the one that works the best for you. 


Finally, you should consider compatibility before you make a purchase. Aquarium chillers will come in different sizes, all of which will be designed for different tank sizes.

The perfect tank size for the chiller will be stated on the product so you should check the measurements of your tank and buy a chiller accordingly. You should also consider the material the chiller is built of.

You will likely want to buy a chiller which will last so you should look for products that state their durability as these are likely to provide better value for money.

But the most important thing is that the chiller generates a flow rate which is correct for your tank, otherwise the purchase was meaningless. Measure your tank and buy a chiller accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest fish to keep alive?

If your experience with keeping fish has not been the best and you are looking for a fish that you can easily keep alive, you should consider Betta fish. They are very easy to keep and require minimal effort and thrive in a small 5-gallon aquarium with a heater and filter. 

Why do I need an aquarium chiller?

A chiller is required in your aquarium if you use lots of lighting or filtering systems within the tank. These devices can often increase the temperature of your water which could impact the health of your fish.

The chiller counteracts this by reducing the temperature of the water back to what it would have been without the lighting and filters impact. 

Do Axolotls need a chiller in their tank?

Axolotls are small amphibians which are sometimes known as Mexican walking fish. If you live in an area that has warm temperatures and you keep axolotls you should buy a chiller. This will reduce the temperature of your water and keep it at a comfortable temperature for your axolotls.